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There has to be a full inquiry both in the UK and in the EU into why so many EU citizens and Britons abroad were denied a vote in #EP2019

by Roger Casale in London, England, United Kingdom

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martin-kilbey 22nd November 2019

Participation in Britain's politics has been far too low and we have left it to elites or extremists to govern/misgovern/manipulate us for too long. We need more ordinary common-sense people elected by informed people - not the ignorant or innocent victims of false propaganda or promises or those who blindly follow a local or family tradition.

jenny-suthrell 21st November 2019

I am British, living in Greece with a German husband. I love every country in the EU and want to stay part of it and have voting rights. The British in the EU and the Europeans in the UK would have made a big difference in the referendum and last election if only they could have voted. This makes me quite 😡 angry.

Mrs Susan Harland 21st November 2019

Although I still pay UK income tax on my government pension, I haven't been able to vote in UK for several years, having lived in France for over 15 years. I just don't think this is fair, especially as Brexit will affect me for the rest of my life!

stuart rowe shelton 21st November 2019

I enjoy being in the warm belly of the EU yet Bojo is trying to make enemies of all foreigners ( excl. Yanks ). We should all be free to work and play wherever we will without let or political hindrance. As an RU citizen I must not be denied my rights, inc. the right to vote.

Gerald Galvin Harniman 10th November 2019

In a democracy all are entitled to vote, those who pay taxes and contribute to the society they live in. It is disenfranchisement to deny legitimate residents and nationals living abroad their right to vote.

R Somper 10th November 2019

It is outrageous that long term residents and tax payers in the UK should be denied a vote simply because of their country of origin, even if they have UK partners or children. One citizen, one vote.

Let's make '#DeniedMyVote' happen

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