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There has to be a full inquiry both in the UK and in the EU into why so many EU citizens and Britons abroad were denied a vote in #EP2019

by Roger Casale in London, England, United Kingdom

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martin-kilbey 14th February 2021

It was wrong of the UK Government to hasten the electoral process to the extent that Local Authorities and the national and international postal systems could not serve the full electorate. Whether this was deliberate or simply careless we may never know - but it is another nail in the coffin of our trust in the democratic process and and example of how a government can be seen to have a cavalier attitude to ordinary voters. We need proper public exposure of the processes which failed and confidence that they will be amended.

Christopher Lake 10th January 2021

Read 'Democracy for Sale' it will tell you all you need to know about the Brexit campaign stitch up. As for Nigel Farage , it is said a man is judged by the company he keeps ,Donald Trump. Arron Banks, need I say more

Edward Gildea 10th January 2021

Let's tackle the root causes of Brexit and then get back in as soon as realise that 'Project Fear' was actually sensible people saying sensible things that are proving to be correct.

Anthony Wright 10th January 2021

The arrogance of big money and power found it more convenient to escape the proposed regulation by the EU of tax evasion and money laundering principally via the UK, and bet they could fool us all by both abusing the democratic process and also by appealing to the worst of our natures. They succeeded for the time being.

Rob Sargent 12th December 2020

If it were proved 'illegal' that UK citizens resident abroad were denied their vote, the 'Brexit' referendum result could be declared invalid and void.

jon homer 31st August 2020

As a European(British) who happens to live in the UK, I believe it’s essential that Britain keeps all possible links with continental Europe, including voting rights. Denial of these rights last year was shameful and must be put right.

Joanne O'Brien 25th June 2020

Thank you for all your hard work campaigning on this important issue. The rights of European & British citizens need to be protected and enhanced. The EU Green card is a brilliant idea. Best wishes, J

martin-kilbey 11th June 2020

It is important to maintain as much mutual civic and cultural integration with our nearest neighbours as possible. Europe is still seen as hostile to British culture by many; when they have passed on or have lost some of the nationalistic fervour engendered by unbalanced and ill-informed journalism or extreme politicians, we shall need to reassure Europeans that we are not their enemy. That spirit - arising out of the chaos of WW2 - must not be submerged by the short-term rejection of continental values.

martin-kilbey 20th April 2020

It is essential that the voter-base be as wide as possible; there are indications that the bigoted and ignorant, the easily-deceived and the less-educated swung the Brexit vote and the last General Election result. Foreign citizens, especially EU ones are usually well-qualified and well-educated. We must not lose their input.

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