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There has to be a full inquiry both in the UK and in the EU into why so many EU citizens and Britons abroad were denied a vote in #EP2019

by Roger Casale in London, England, United Kingdom

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Jane Fieldsend 5th August 2019

In a democratic society, no one should be denied a vote. EU citizens who have made their homes here and contributed so much to our society have as much rate as anyone else.

David Hayter 27th July 2019

Wherever people come from you are part of our country, fellow citizens and neighbours, and have a right part of the democratic process, a right to feel this is your home and that you are a full part of the community.

John Collingwood 20th July 2019

Democracy has not been taken seriously by the present government - or the last, for that matter. We should not have to put up with this level of disrespect for the citizens of this country

Brian Pollard 20th July 2019

Please keep up the good work - it is a huge scandal to have a million voters disenfranchised. The government will sit on their hands until this campaign hits them

martin-kilbey 18th July 2019

All this goes to show how apathetic and uninformed most elected politicians in Britain are about not only the EU but the importance of all electoral processes. People have died and are are dying to obtain democratic rights and here are British people throwing away what has been striven for.

Demeter Kraaij 16th July 2019

Thank you for working so hard on this, I got my vote but it could so easily have been me. I am positively frightened by this Government's willingness to ignore democratic processes.

Steven Pruner 15th July 2019

A dreadful scandle. Whether intentional or not, how can the UK can truly say it is a democracy when its government has turned a blind eye to this and "denied" many from the right to vote in EU elections. Shame on us all for allowing this to happen.

Nicholas Parrott 14th July 2019

I find it unbelievable that the UK Govt made it so difficult for citzens of other Eu countries to vote in the EP elections last month and then try to blame it on EU regs . As a UK citizen living in a different EU country I did not need a separate form to vote .

Yvonne Wilson  14th July 2019

I think it is right that we should expose the incompetence of this government and how they have failed those who wanted to exercise their right to vote in the EU elections in the UK

martin-kilbey 14th July 2019

The ultimate findings may not be enough to cause a re-run of the voting process (which many might hope for) because it would have to happen in all 27 countries after a "normal" propaganda/advertising/recruitment process. This would be too disruptive for other nations of the EU to stomach. However, exposure of the sheer inefficiency (and some say deliberate slowing) of the process points to our own Administration's contempt for the democratic process. This merits public shaming and the shaking of the complacency of many involved in the political process in Britain.

Let's make '#DeniedMyVote' happen

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