Demand real scrutiny of Brexit!

by European Movement UK in London, England, United Kingdom

Demand real scrutiny of Brexit!


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The impact of this hard Brexit is far-reaching and we need real scrutiny – before it’s too late. Support the campaign!

by European Movement UK in London, England, United Kingdom

We need real scrutiny of Brexit - before it's too late.

Despite this Brexit deal being one of the biggest political changes in our lifetime, exactly when we need democratic scrutiny most Jacob Rees-Mogg has closed the only House of Commons committee dedicated to scrutinising the Brexit deal in its entirety. Tens of thousands of you demanded a rethink, but your petitions and letters were ignored.

We need to turn the tide before it is too late. We need real democratic scrutiny and accountability – even if we must do it ourselves.

An unfolding disaster... 

For months, the consequences of this Brexit deal have hit our people, our communities, and our economy hard. In the first 100 days of Brexit: 

  • Exports to the EU collapsed by more than 40% in January alone. 
  • Farmers, fisheries and small businesses are being driven to the wall 
  • Thousands of musicians, creatives, and other professionals lost their livelihoods due to ending freedom of movement 

We are just 3 months in, and it is already a growing disaster.  

Here’s how we do it... 

The European Movement will ensure real accountability for the devastating impacts of this Brexit deal. This is how we supercharge the movement, make sure that the UK improves on the deal, and grow closer to our European partners. 

To scrutinise this deal, we will: 

  • Launch hard-hitting campaigns forcing MPs and decision-makers to confront this hard Brexit nightmare head on
  • Publish impactful reports revealing the full story of Brexit and delivering them straight to MPs' desks
  • Hire two new professional campaigners, to ramp up our grassroots campaigning and increase our influence at Westminster 
  • Invest in a cutting-edge digital tool enabling activists to produce targeted, high-impact local campaigns to pile pressure onto their MPs 
  • Invest tens of thousands of pounds in targeted digital advertising, transforming our reach to compete with a powerful media machine
  • Work closely with experts on the frontline to identify policy changes that will improve this failing Brexit deal
  • Create a network of high-profile MPs, peers, and leading industry voices to increase our ability to scrutinise this disastrous Brexit deal 

Last year, we built on our 100,000-strong petition to organise the biggest virtual action day in our history, with 10,000+ joining us for our virtual rally and thousands more taking action in their communities. We held the government to account in demanding that they avoid a devastating no deal Brexit, and we can hold them to account again!  

Now we are bringing the full story of Brexit carnage straight to MPs’ desks. We will put them on notice that they are accountable to us – and they must act now. 


But we need your help.

We need to throw everything we have got at holding this government to account. 

We are 100% grassroots funded. But we’re fighting a powerful media machine, and we will only win if we have your support. 

With your help, we can expose the true impact of this hard Brexit. Are you with us? 

Please give what you can and together we will fight for the scrutiny that our country needs. 

Let's make 'Demand real scrutiny of Brexit!' happen

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