Let's delay Brexit transition and focus on COVID19

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Let's delay Brexit transition and focus on COVID19

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The combination of a No Deal Brexit and Covid-19 will have a devastating impact on our NHS and our economy. Chip in to stop a No Deal Brexit

The government is placing ideology over the lives and well-being of its citizens. 

Despite the fact that the world is currently facing the biggest health crisis in a century, the government is recklessly continuing to insist that they will walk away from trade negotiations if no agreement is reached by the end of June - just two months away. This means that a No Deal Brexit is on the cards once again - and it places our economy, our NHS and even lives at risk during the current Coronavirus crisis. 

Last year, we successfully campaigned to stop Boris Johnson’s government from implementing a No Deal Brexit. We can do it again, but we must act now.

Why is a No Deal Brexit bad for the UK?

The government's own leaked report, Operation Yellowhammer, revealed that a No Deal Brexit would lead to:

  • A rise in food prices
  • Chaos at our borders
  • Medicine Shortages

When this is combined with the current Covid19 pandemic, the impact of a No Deal Brexit will be even more detrimental to both our economy and our NHS. This isn’t about whether you voted leave or remain. This is about doing what is in the national interest. We simply cannot afford to deal with two crises at once

How can we stop a No Deal Brexit?

We are lobbying MPs to stop this madness. We have tens of thousands of activists around the UK campaigning at a local level to influence their MPs (digitally until lockdown restrictions are lifted and it is safe to hold in-person campaign events) and work with local press and businesses to reveal the catastrophic consequences of a No Deal Brexit.

However, this time around, things are different. During this crisis, we need to invest in remote and digital methods of lobbying while we cannot meet in person. And with COVID-19 placing an enormous strain on our NHS and our economy, the stakes are even higher. Therefore, we need to ensure that our tens of thousands of activists have the skills necessary and have access to the technology that they need to successfully campaign. 

The more we raise, the more we can do. 

We can’t do this without you...

We are 100% people-powered and all of our work is funded by donations from people like you.

We can cut through the right-wing media machine if our voice is loud enough. We are ready to fight back and challenge the narrative. We cannot allow a catastrophic No Deal Brexit to destroy our NHS, our economy, and to risk lives.

Thank you for being a part of our Movement.

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