Defend Women's Rights

by Louise Moody in York, England, United Kingdom

Defend Women's Rights
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To defend women's rights and the freedom to speak out about trans-ideology without legal repercussions.

by Louise Moody in York, England, United Kingdom


Dr Louise Moody is a lesbian, feminist, and independent philosopher who was previously a postdoc at the University of York.

Dr Moody is a vocal defender of women's and lesbian rights. She is especially sceptical of ‘trans-ideology’ which, at its core, asserts that biological males who identify as females must be universally accepted as women in all contexts irrespective of their biological or physical characteristics. This ideology is advanced by groups such as Mermaids which have engaged in ‘institutional capture’ of local and national government, police, and civil society in order to disseminate policies that directly attack women’s hard won sex-based rights in order to advance the rights of – mostly male-born – transpeople. Extreme examples of this being the right of male-bodied, self-identifying transwomen to access services and spaces that, until now, have been reserved for biological women (e.g. refuges for women who have been victims of domestic violent, sexual assault, and rape, or a recent draft proposal by the Equality and Human Rights Commission that schools should open up girls changing rooms to male students who identify as female, with women who object to sharing their changing room being forced to change elsewhere). The logical, and deeply worrying, conclusion is that any space reserved for women will be obliged to open to anyone who identifies as a woman and a refusal to do so would be illegal under anti-discrimination legislation. Some trans-rights ‘activists’ – as opposed to most transpeople – unfortunately exhibit high degrees of misogyny and regularly advocate violence against women to achieve their ends.

Dr Moody argues that trans-ideology is dangerous to women, trans-people, and wider society on three counts:

(1) Trans-ideology is tantamount to a legal and factual redefinition of what it means to be a woman since it divorces the definition from objective characteristics such as those grounded in biology and, instead, redefines woman as being based on subjective characteristics such as emotions and feelings.

(2) Trans-ideology creates enmity rather than empathy between women and transpeople – both groups who have historically experienced discrimination – who should be working together, and not against, each other.

(3) Trans-ideology takes society back to pre-enlightenment times where science, fact, reason, and objectivity are replaced by ‘belief’ and ‘feelings’. It exemplifies the illogical conclusion of post-modern individualism where it is already becoming a crime to speak intuitively self-evident truths such as ‘women don’t have penises’ and ‘you cannot change your sex simply because you can change your gender.’

The Action Dr Moody Wishes You To Fund:

Dr Moody is currently being sued for Defamation, Harassment, and Misuse of Private Information by trans-rights activist Stephanie Hayden, a male-to-female transexual who routinely issues proceedings against those - usually women (presently, Kate Scottow, Caroline Farrow, and Helena Wojtczak) who reject trans-ideology. In addition, Hayden, together with Dr Adrian Harrop, has made an official complaint to the University of York concerning Dr Moody's public 'misgendering' of Dr Rachel McKinnon (a transwoman who has stated that "cis people" should "die in a grease fire" and who regularly competes in bike races against women): specifically, Hayden and Harrop have complained that Dr Moody's reality based beliefs constitute a "safeguarding risk" to LGBT staff and students, and the process of addressing this complaint has already incurred legal fees.

The rights of transpeople must be protected, but not at the expense of the rest of society – the growing sense of ‘trans-entitlement’ which trans rights activists exude must be countered when it comes at the expense of the rights of others or else resentment against all transpeople will grow and their cause set-back.

The Practicalities:

Concerning the handling of the York complaint, Dr Moody has already instructed Rollits LLP (est. total cost circa. £1000). Concerning the rest, Dr Moody has instructed a solictor and barrister who will provide a formal opinion of the merits of Hayden's case as well as draft a defence (est. total cost £7000-9000). All funds will be used solely for legal expenses, and Dr Moody is happy to provide evidence of this as and when she receives/pays invoices. In the event of any unused funds, Dr Moody will discuss with those who have donated the option of donating to a women's rights or women's aid charity of our choice.

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