Dear No One
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Support us in raising money for our graduate film Dear No One!

by Sara Hussein in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

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The Story & Our Vision

Dear No One follows Valerie, a young woman who has lost herself in life and is struggling with the recent loss of her mum. She comes across a mysterious diary which she confides in. Until the diary begins to write back... 

The story unfolds to illustrate the relationship between the lonely protagonist who seeks comfort in the words of the diary. Her grief is highlighted throughout the story as she tries to come to terms with her loneliness. 

It will explore themes of loss, sadness and the difficulties of a young adult who doesn't know what she wants from life anymore.

Our aim & your support

We aim to bring to life a unique outlook on the themes within the story and portray an interesting approach to how our main character deals with this, through the fantasy element of a magical diary. This will be achieved with VFX. We hope to create captivating visuals and alluring sounds that will resonate with the audience. In order to do so we would really appreciate your help in raising money to make this film the best that we can :) 

The Crew

Director: Sara Hussein

"Directing my own script for the first time is both exciting and challenging. I relish in this new opportunity and am ecstatic to showcase my skills in directing from previous projects. To be able to write and visually express my own story is definitely daunting, especially with the pressure to create a perfect film. However, I look forward to working with my lovely crew in creating a film I will be proud of and a film that expresses a unique story."

Director of Photography: Ellie Parker

"Hi I’m Ellie! I’m thrilled to be the cinematographer for this film. Now in my third year at university, I feel confident going into this project; I can’t wait to get my hands on the camera and express this in an interesting format. I really want to draw out the emotion of the piece, making the audience genuinely feel for the main character and be completely immersed by the visuals."

Sound Designer: Carmen Mihaela 

"As the Sound Designer in the crew, I aim to bring dynamism and mystery to the film. I was interested in this drama right away because of its ending, which took me by surprise. I immediately had a melody in mind I am currently working on composing, and sound effects that are meant to heighten the key scenes in the film. I have always been attracted to the immersive quality of sound and the spine-chilling sensations it gives the audience."

Editor: Bethany Hall

"As the editor for this project, I am incredibly excited to be cutting the footage together. I have always found it intriguing how the editing and pace of a scene influences what emotions it elicits, and I am looking forward to maximising the scenes’ impact using what I’ve learned on my university course. We’re currently in pre-production and are aiming to start shooting within the next two months. I immediately thought the film’s premise was unique and I loved the end twist."

Production Budget

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