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by DeadLOUD™ in Newent, England, United Kingdom

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We are sustainable; organic, PETA-approved, vegan and gender neutral. We donate a chunk of our profits to Mind, in support of mental health.

by DeadLOUD™ in Newent, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

A portion of our company's net profits are donated to Mind, in aid of supporting mental health issues in the UK. The retained profits will be fed back in to DeadLOUD so we can keep producing new designs, expanding our range of ethical garments.

We want to keep producing and supplying our sustainable products as long as we can, all the time giving back to a worthy cause.

DeadLOUD Sustainable Clothing

An Introduction

DeadLOUD is an independent, sustainable clothing brand that donates profits to Mind, in aid of supporting Britain's mental health. Born out of Brixton in London, I established the brand after a professional career in music, working as an audio engineer for pop stars.

The DeadLOUD team consists of adventure-seekers, outdoor-enthusiasts, and streetwear-lovers, looking to bring clothing that meets at the intersection of comfort and style.

In this day and age it’s extremely important to be as economically and environmentally conscious as possible. The vast majority of our clothing is organic, PETA-approved, vegan and Fair Wear certified, as well as being gender-neutral. Materials are either naturally-sourced or recycled to ensure sustainability is maintained and we are on track to living in a better world. Even our packaging is eco-friendly.

The main aim of this Crowdfunder campaign is to help grow a brand that cares about the planet. Any financial support will be put towards improving infrastructure such as building storage units out of sustainable materials. There's also need for some form of computer system that can keep track of stock and handle order so we can get your clothes to you as efficiently as possible.


How You Can Help DeadLOUD

Simples! By all means have a good read through of our story to find out what we're about and how we want to make the world a better place. If you feel you'd like to support a sustainable, charitable clothing brand, all you have to do is pledge some money and receive an awesome reward. These range from unique hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts to combos of each. By pledging to the DeadLOUD campaign, you're also donating to Mind without adding any extra to your pledge.

How Does This Benefit You?

Oh, in so many ways ;-)

By helping us you're also helping create a world where fashion is no longer a major concern for environmentalists. The amount of pollution fashion contributes to is quite frankly disgusting. We refuse to have any part in this mistreatment of the planet, hence our garments and packaging being sourced from nature.

Your donations and pledges to DeadLOUD go much further than just that. The donations we make to Mind help millions of people through the struggles of mental health. By pledging to DeadLOUD, you can rest assured any profits we make will have a portion sent direct to Mind. Every little helps those in need.

DeadLOUD Sweatshirt Land Rover


This is your opportunity to get yourself some great rewards at a lower priceDeadLOUD clothes are also available through our web shop but they're listed at the normal RRP. By pledging through Crowdfunder, you're able to get a one-time discount offer on all rewards. You know what to do!


Trucker Hat - £17 (incl. UK P&P)

[Click the image below to get your reward]

1607003519_black_and_red_gyms_back_to_business_landscape_banner_(1).pngOur foam-fronted trucker hat is a staple accessory for any outfit. I wear mine all the time but that’s mainly because I can’t be bothered to make my hair look presentable.

The DeadLOUD skull is stitched into the foam, meaning the outline pulls the canvas inwards. This allows us to achieve a more three-dimensional shape and provide something a little different to the norm. We’ve even incorporated our signature gold tooth with a sparkly gold thread.

The rear of the hat is a black mesh with adjustable snap-and-lock strap. One size fits all.


Organic T-Shirt - £19 (incl. UK P&P)

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The DeadLOUD organic t-shirts are heavy-weight, super-soft, regular-fit garment that guarantee utter comfort and great thermal properties. As it's slightly oversized, I'd go as far to say it's the comfiest T-shirt out there! If you want it to fit more like a 'normal' T-shirt, I recommend ordering a size smaller than your usual size.

To add to our gleaming credentials, this T-shirt is made with 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton, PETA-approved vegan AND Fair Wear Certified. We use a printing technique that utilises water-based ink, so the print sits within the garment fibres, not on top of it. This ensures the garment stays breathable so you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort here!


Organic T-Shirt & Trucker Hat Combo - £35 (incl. UK P&P)

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I’d say this reward was obvious, really. It’s a combination of the T-shirt (detailed above) and the hat (detailed above) in one very rewarding reward.

You don’t necessarily need to wear them both at the same time but if you did you’d DEFINITELY be the envy of all your friends.


Organic Sweatshirt - £43 (incl. UK P&P)


As you can probably see from the photographs, the comfort this sweatshirt provides is second-to-none. Made with a combination of 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, we’ve managed to incorporate a great collection of beneficial properties to help you forget you’re wearing the most stylish sweatshirt around. Just like the DeadLOUD organic T-shirt, this sweatshirt is a heavy-weight, super-soft, regular-fit garment which guarantees utter comfort and great thermal properties. It's made from a combo of organic cotton and recycled polyester, as well as being PETA-approved vegan AND Fair Wear Certified.

Organic Sweatshirt & T-Shirt Combo - £61 (incl. UK P&P) 

[Click the image below to get your reward]


Yep, that’s right, both of the DeadLOUD organic torso coverings are available in one mega-awesome reward with a very tidy discount applied.

Get this combo whilst it lasts and add some unique styling to your wardrobe.


Why is DeadLOUD Different?

Well, simply, we use good materials and good people to bring our creations to life. When purchasing our items, know that you can trust they’re doing all they can to protect the Earth. We are also striving to be zero waste but not quite fully there yet. Bear with!

Now, it’s all well and good ticking the boxes for sustainability, but what about style? We want our clothing to tell a story for people who really care about the planet we inhabit. 

Given the state of the world in 2020 and the many different issues being faced globally, we deemed it appropriate to create clothes that reflect how people are feeling. Of course, not everybody shares the same opinion but when you take the COVID-19 pandemic and the chain of events that have followed into account, there’s a whole host of topics that can be animated through art.

Most of the designs are related to British current affairs with a focus on topics that have affected members of the DeadLOUD team, as well as many thousands, if not millions elsewhere. We highlight global issues such as climate change, which ties in closely to our ethos of being sustainable. These are just a few examples of where we’re heading.

Charity DonationsDeadLOUD Mind Charity

UK statistics currently show that one in four people are suffering from mental health issues. This is extremely alarming but due to the stress and additional pressures impacting human lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s sadly not surprising.

Following a traumatic experience I went through earlier this year, I made the decision to stop any form of discounts being applied to DeadLOUD clothing. Instead I have signed an agreement with Mind, in order to support Britain’s mental health so now a portion of all DeadLOUD profits are donated to Mind, helping support those that need it. Read more about my story further down.

More on the Ethos

DeadLOUD Fair Wear PETA Vegan Organic Sustainable

The world is a funny old place at the moment and let’s face it, the choices that the majority of us make don’t exactly help the Earth. It’s not totally our fault, it’s just that our modern, disposable way of living combined with some poor education has done very little to slow down the destruction of our lovely little planet. 

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter after oil - it’s a fact. In 2018, UK consumers alone sent 300,000 tonnes of textiles to be burned or dumped in landfill. While we are extremely passionate about the environmental impact of our clothing, we’re also conscious of finding the balance between sustainability and practicality. We want our clothes to be affordable, without sacrificing the quality and comfort of them. That’s why we make sure our clothing is high quality, so that it can last longer and ultimately be more sustainable.

Utilising organic cotton that is PETA-approved vegan and Fair Wear certified does mean the costs rise slightly but DeadLOUD still maintain competitive pricing, especially when compared with other brands striving for the same ethical standards.

Artwork / Printing

As well as the garments themselves being eco-friendly, we make sure we do our best to maintain the standards when applying artwork. Most of the garments are made from cotton so we’re are able to screen-print using a water-based ink to saturate the material and have it sit within the fibres. Not only is this non-toxic and kind to the environment, but it ensures each garment remains breathable and avoids the artwork cracking with stretching over time. Another reason we don't use ‘traditional’ screen printing methods on garments is due to the health risk it brings. The common method employs PVC inks called plastisol, a mixture of coloured PVC particles with enough plasticiser to make it flow as a liquid. Although prints are heat-cured onto the garment, it is possible for phthalates to leach out onto the wearer’s skin or into a child’s mouth. The phthalates themselves are colourless, but people who are allergic or have sensitive skin may develop a rash where there is direct contact with the printed area.

Built to Last

We strive for is longevity. We don’t want our clothes to degrade over time, so we make sure they are pre-washed in order to avoid shrinking or colour fade. The water-based ink application moves with the cotton fibres so unlike other brands using plastisol, it will not crack and it will hardly lose its colour with washing.

There are various eco-friendly clothing brands that have gone on to gain mass followings and sales worldwide. However, there are certain differences between those brands and DeadLOUD that make us stand out as the superior choice of clothing manufacturer. For example, one successful eco brand utilises direct-to-garment printing which is like putting your t-shirt through a computer printer. The ink fades over time and even when fresh, doesn’t display colours very vibrantly like ours do. Another widely-known brand use inks that are PVC-and phthalate-free, which is cool. However they’re still a form of plastisol which doesn’t stretch with the garment fibre and eventually cracks and peels over time. It’s the downfalls of brands such as these that have allowed us to excel beyond their capabilities and offer something that truly lasts.

DeadLOUD T-Shirt British Vintage Triumph MotorcycleAt the end of the day, nobody is perfect; if they were there’d be nothing to aim for. But if we all keep trying to be better, brands like DeadLOUD will be able to maintain their status of the world’s second best clothing brand.

The Vision

DeadLOUD Skull Gold ToothThe goal for the first year is to achieve steady sales so that we recoup the initial investment and propel ourselves forward without external help. If we achieve this, we’ll be able to bring new collections every season and regularly donate a decent amount to charity. In order to successfully achieve these goals, we need to:

  • Further invest in our eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging.
  • Invest in more stock.
  • Release new designs.
  • Hire a part-time stock manager.
  • Create more media in the form of photos and videos.
  • Undertake digital marketing campaigns and advertise on social media channels.
  • Hire a Google SEO expert to overhaul the website.

In terms of the future, the long term goals are as follows:

  • Increase our donations of percentage profits to Mind.
  • Collaborate with independent creatives in order to bring truly unique designs to life.
  • Employ full time staff to take care of procurement, stock and the general daily running of the business.
  • Create opportunities for young people to learn about creative design, fashion running a business.

Your Support

Using Crowdfunder to drive the business forward gives you an opportunity to pre-buy the newest clothing from DeadLOUD. Not only that but you’ll be giving to charity at the same time.

By reaching the target on this campaign, we’ll be given the chance to improve infrastructure, build a healthy stock and upgrade the computer system in order to streamline the procurement, production and delivery process.

On a more personal level, reaching this target will provide the reassurance needed to affirm my belief in DeadLOUD clothing. The ethics it represents and the charitable alignment I have formed seem like I’m doing good in the world but if nobody else is interested, there’s no scope for growth. By pledging your support and claiming your reward, you’ll be sending positive vibes to not just me, but the freelancers I am able to continue paying and the charity I am able to keep donating to. All support is received with a big smile and I am eternally grateful to anyone that believes in the brand.

Please note:

  • You are pre-buying a reward that will be delivered by the date stated.
  • As we don’t know what the demand will be like at the time of launching the campaign, we are asking for an 8 week lead time. If we can, rewards will be posted out before.
  • We will keep you up-to-date every step of the way via messages on Crowdfunder and social media posts.
  • International postage can be arranged for an additional cost. Please send a message on here and we can work it out.

Connect With DeadLOUD on Social Media

1607085919_blue_bordered_photo_alcohol_awareness_social_media_graphic.pngFollow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates. I’m pretty rubbish on these platforms but if you want to see me make a fool of myself, Instagram will keep you entertained.

Thank you so much for your support!

Big love, Jonny x


My Story1606232949_img_20200920_112158_copy.jpg

Quite often known as ’Famous’ of ‘J-Fame’, I was born in rural Wales and made somewhat of a name as a world-renowned audio engineer. I've accompanied some of the biggest names on the planet, mixing audio for concerts worldwide with some tours lasting years on end. Working on productions for the likes of Liam Payne, Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora, All Saints and the Wu Tang Clan (among many others) has given me an insight into what it takes to look good in the public eye. Spending time with stylists for celebrities has spurred me on to attempt becoming a fashion designer in my own right.

As of March 2020, I returned from touring Australia with a well-known pop artiste to find myself put into lockdown at home in Gloucestershire, due to COVID-19. All work lined-up in music disappeared overnight – with no sign of it returning anytime soon. With these prospects (or lack of) presented to someone always so active, this could’ve proved disastrous mentally. However, not one to sit around feeling sorry for myself, I immediately got to work with a new game plan -  creating an ethical clothing brand influenced by the values I engage with in every-day life.

My general positive, ‘can-do’ attitude allows me to strive for success in anything I put my mind to. As well as being recognised for my work within the entertainment industry, I also founded BoomBocs; makers of The Ultimate Wireless Speaker System. Through my work with BoomBocs, I've been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Times and The Huffington Post. I've also had the great pleasure of collaborating on one-off speaker designs for the likes of Lady Gaga, Tom Petty, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Kylie, Rita Ora and more.

I entertain a deep-rooted passion for motorcycles, having been a competitive motocross rider for a long time. This, along with a keen interest in surfing - and anything vaguely dangerous - has played a significant role in the formation DeadLOUD’s unique style. My life so far has been quite the rollercoaster but my drive, passion and enthusiasm for pursuing dreams still remains.

Starting DeadLOUD was not only a means of bringing unique clothing designs to life, but also a way of giving something back to the world. By aiming to be an eco-friendly, zero-waste outfit, I and my little team have worked tirelessly to build and achieve a well-respected, successful clothing company, recognised across our beautiful planet. Of course, it hasn't been plain sailing, but then nothing worth having comes easy. The setbacks DeadLOUD has encountered since our humble beginnings have only given us more determination to reach our goals.

Important Info Re: Charity Work

Naturally, there’s a story behind my choice to donate profits to the mental health charity, Mind. What could’ve been an extremely sad story has turned into a more positive outcome and deserves to be told.

In May 2020, whilst returning from walking my little rescue pup, I encountered a man stood on a bridge ahead of me. Not thinking much of it, I carried on walking towards the man in order to pass, en route home. It was only when I was walking next to the man that I noticed a rope tied between a tree and the man’s neck. Before I could process what was happening, the man stepped off the bridge in an attempt to end his life. In the dramatic seconds the followed, my instinct kicked in and luckily I managed to reach the man’s belt, pulling him back over to safety.

At only 5’7, I'm not the tallest or strongest of men but in moments like that, humans seem to be able to summon additional strength. With the man safely back on the bridge, I (and Buster the dog) sat down with him and talked for quite some time. Not having any form of training to handle a traumatic situation such as this, I felt I needed police assistance so dialled 999. It took almost an hour for officers to arrive so in that time I and the man chatted about life and the struggles the man was feeling. Without going into too much detail and in order to respect the man’s privacy, all that needs to be said is that he wasn’t feeling himself. Thankfully, he is doing much better now and I quite often see him out and about in the local area.

This experience really hit home with me and it just goes to show you never know what other people are going through. Being kind to strangers might just make the biggest difference in their life so it’s important to listen to what they have to say.

Thanks again for reading.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

Organic T-Shirt & Trucker Hat

Get your hands on this stylish combo. The 'Flowers' T-shirt in its natural, raw organic cotton finish looks deadly when coupled with the black, foam-fronted DeadLOUD trucker hat • The T-shirt is heavy-weight and super-soft. They are slightly oversized for comfort so we recommend ordering a size down to your usual if you want a more slim fit • RRP £44, save £9 via this Crowdfunder

£17 or more

Trucker Hat

Some people think that hats don't suit them, but maybe that's because they've never found the perfect hat. Well, if that sounds like you, give this one a try! • The key to a good hat is forgetting you’re wearing it. You need something that sits on your head but doesn’t feel like it's there at all. Enter the DeadLOUD trucker, foam-fronted hat • RRP £19, save £2 via this Crowdfunder

£19 or more

Organic T-Shirt - Dark Moments

Everybody likes flowers - you don't have to pretend to be a tough guy, it's OK! No matter how depressing the world around you might seem, just remember that flowers grow out of dark moments • This is a heavy-weight, super-soft T-shirt which guarantees utter comfort and great thermal properties. Slightly oversize to the norm, we recommend ordering a size down for a slimmer fit • RRP £25, save £6 via this Crowdfunder

£43 or more

Organic Sweatshirt - The Crown

Part of being British is to embrace your colourful heritage and respect the monarchy. Queen Liz has had a remarkable life, for sure, and it's super interesting to learn about. But anyway here's a cool design with a crown • 'The Crown' sweatshirt is a heavy-weight, super-soft, regular-fit garment which guarantees utter comfort and great thermal properties • RRP 53, save £10 via this Crowdfunder

£61 or more

Organic Sweatshirt & T-Shirt

It would be a shame to cover up your DeadLOUD t-shirt with a sweatshirt but if you do it with a DeadLOUD sweatshirt, it's perfectly acceptable • Both are made with organic cotton and of heavy weight construction, providing comfort and warmth, whilst remaining breathable. Be kind to the environment with these PETA-approved, sustainable garments, whilst supporting Mind, in aid of better mental health • RRP 78, save £17 via this Crowdfunder

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