Inconvenience Short Film

by Jordan Karl Lewis in Bedford, England, United Kingdom

Inconvenience Short Film


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Inconvenience is s short crime comedy film about a pair of criminals who decide to turn over a local corner shop.

by Jordan Karl Lewis in Bedford, England, United Kingdom


Inconvenience is a short crime comedy film about a pair of criminals who decide to turn over a local corner shop. Whilst doing this, the main character ‘Kurtis’ makes a ton of mistakes, identifying himself throughout the course of the film resulting in him and his partners arrest.


My friends call me the smartest yet dumbest person they have ever met. Compliment or insult, I’m not sure but I’m determined to make something of it regardless. Apparently, (in my friends opinions) i could never pull off a heist or get away with a crime because the ‘dumb’ side of me would always mean I “balls” it up. 

Whilst I once argued that I was not dumb and could pull off what ever I wanted, my mates had fun giving me examples of ways they disagreed, that’s when I realised this could make a pretty funny film.  

So long story short, where did the idea come from.... me ... I am ‘Kurtis’, not literally because of course I’m no criminal but if I tried to be the chances are I would “balls” it up. 

More about me 

My name is Jordan Karl Lewis. I am a young professional actor and although ‘dumb’ my smart side has found me a career as an Network Connections Surveyor. 

I have a passion for telling stories, I think I’m pretty funny, I enjoy making people laugh and currently use my social media to show off my creativity and keep myself entertained... tiktok name - ‘jaylew100’ (incase you don’t want to take my word for it) 

My long term goal is to be in the entertainment industry full time, a all in one writer, actor and film producer and well this surveyor job isn’t going to get me there so that’s why I need your help! 


Damn this isn’t a cheap dream! But we dream big or don’t dream at all so £5000 with a stretch target of £8000 is the the aim and will cover everything from start to finish. 

It’s a big ask but there’s so much that is going into this, even more than I first anticipated myself. Every little helps and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed once I’ve achieved the end of this film. 

(Every one of you that supports wont be forgotten when I pick up my film award ... & I will get one!) 

I just need you to believe like I believe to help me get there!

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