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by Cornwall Yoga Centre CIC in Truro, England, United Kingdom


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Save our Yoga studio in Truro by helping us develop a new revenue stream. We aim to expand the reach of our project with an online platform.

by Cornwall Yoga Centre CIC in Truro, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With additional resources we will be able to extend our project across the UK. This money will be used for recruiting, onboarding, and training yoga teachers from all over the UK to manage and increase our reach, create suitable content that supports our project and it aims.

MISSION! keep Yoga as a support available, no matter what the future holds...

Due to the continuing uncertainty of the COVID world our current mission is to future proof the CIC by making an online service a permanent revenue generating aspect of the way we run our classes. 

We use our profits to reinvest in our community- with the loss of trade due to COVID 19 we need to change the way we generate revenue to preserve our traditional studio and invest in a sustainable future. 

VISION! get this stuff online.....

We aim to create an easy to use, online platform for hosting Yoga, Mindfulness and Pilates classes, audio downloads and special events. 


This platform will be embedded with our VALUES of SIMPLICITY and LEARNING.

We will be able to expand our social mission of using profits for the purpose of increasing access to support to vulnerable and disadvantaged people and groups. 

We aim to embed a charity referral section into the site to provide free access to our services to individuals who are in need of support but would not otherwise be able to pay for it.

The money we raise through crowdfunding will be used to purchase the items we need to transform our loft at the studio into a slick recording space. We currently need: a high quality mic, studio lighting, ethernet equipment, cables and a tripod.

We need to pay for a technical web designer to build us the online platform we need to carry our vision online.

We are currently operating on skeleton staff - we need to get our furloughed staff back to work and while we are not generating revenue, we need to cover staff costs.  

Funds raised will also be used to invest in marketing our new online studio so it can reach its potential as quickly as possible. 

We hope that a boost from your support now will give us the support we need to get our CIC back on track. 


During lockdown we were unable to provide face to face support. We used grant funding to support the continuation of access to classes by using zoom to livestream, record and share Yoga classes with our members. 

We have a core team of wonderful teachers who have been there, every week, to stay in touch and keep sharing. These have become known as the "survival classes"- participants have told us that they have relied on this access for the mental and physical benefits and they want MORE online classes and support!


Over the past 7 months we have been fortunate to receive funding from Resonance Social Investment and Sport England to help to cover our continuing core business costs. In order for us to make our vision for the future a reality we need to raise further capital to invest in the launch of our new online platform. 


The CIC was established in 2013. We have successful built a strong community around our venue in Truro. 

Our mission over the past 3-4 years has been to collect data on the perceived benefits of attending Yoga classes from our members.  We have been using interviews, case studies and questionnaires to gather this data and compile this into annual reports.

This graphic provides a summary of some of the initial findings of our first major report in 2019. 



Our goal moving forward is to expand the collection of data beyond the members we have polled at our venue in Truro into the wider UK yoga and mindfulness community. We intend to continue to collect data for many years to come so that we can gather a picture of the impact of Yoga over a generation of practitioners.


The aim of this aspect of our work is to provide evidence based reporting to show the impact engagement with Yoga is having on the health and well-being of participants. We intend to collaborate with academic researchers after we have collected a significant amount of data to consolidate our work which we hope then to use to demonstrate to public health bodies the value of Yoga and mindfulness practices are providing to public health. 


As the political landscape shifts around the provision of healthcare services which are publicly funded we feel it would be of great benefit to our community of instructors and students if the value of the preventative and supportive services provided by Yoga classes was formally recorded. This evidence could support these types of classes in becoming more incorporated into public health planning.

More about the Plan For Charities Access:

We will include a charity log in on our new online studio site. Charities will be given codes that they can give to individuals they are working with who may benefit from access to mindfulness and yoga for developing their resilience and support mental health. Participants can then access content on the site for free from a smart phone.

This idea has been developing out of our inability to fund free access to charity beneficiaries due to the high costs incurred to offer face to face classes in our studio in Truro.

Our primary demographic there has been predominantly people who can afford our classes. We have been aware for a long time that our support services via resilience education are useful to vulnerable adults who are experiencing mental health problems but have been unable to adequately create a solution. We have observed the cycle of mental health problems leading to problems with addiction, reduction in income and have been working with small local charities to provide services to their members. We can do more.

 The individuals accessing the site via the charity referral login will be annexed in our embedded social impact measurement system. Data collected from this group can be analysed separately.

Moving our services online will dramatically reduce costs, increase reach and access.

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