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To empower our small charity with sufficient resources, which would enable us to deliver the services.

by Little Portion Community Project in London, England, United Kingdom


Victims Services Charity needs help

The Little Portion Community Project 

We are a victims services charity

About the charity:

We are a small charity, founded in 2010 (formally established two years later), offering counselling, information and support to people suffering from anxiety, most of whom are victims (which is why people often call us a victims services charity). 

Our values are respect, understanding, compassion, kindness and  working with hope. Our patron is a retired Supreme Court Judge. We have a Board of Trustees and a team of Advisers, who are experienced  professionals. 

Our chairman is a well-respected, widely published and award winning senior professional who graduated from 4 British Universities. His distinguished career spanned two decades in civil service, local authorities and public sector.  Over the past 21 years, he was elected to the Board of Governors at 5 Schools and 20 major NHS Hospitals (due to disabilities and poor health, he was only able to serve some of those 20 hospitals) in London. In 2016 he passed the rigorous Ministry of Justice assessment to be a Justice of the Peace for England and Wales (Magistrate) and on 31 March 2017 he took the Judicial Oath to be sworn into the Judiciary of England and Wales. Over the past two decades, his outstanding work earned respect from senior judges, lawyers, police, community leaders and eminent politicians,  evidenced by the documents in 20 lever arch files. 

Life has always been extremely tough for our chairman because he was born with a rare incurable medical condition which affects half of his head and face. Then at the age of 21, he was diagnosed with a second incurable medical condition. Both serious long-term illnesses give him permanent disabilities in his right eye, nose, mouth, face, colon, speech and skin. He suffers from chronic pain and fatigue. 

The Chair is supported by three Chartered Accountants and  2 Honorary Counselling Supervisors (a Senior GP and a retired Doctor Major from the British Army). We have 58 eminent and  distinguished professionals as Honorary Life Members, including a former Archbishop of Canterbury, peers in the House of Lords, Hospital  Consultants and University Professors. 

The charity is recognised by the HMRC and is a part of the Victims Services Alliance.

Like other small poor charities of similar size, every penny we have is spent on the poor people we help and therefore we have no funds for publicity or PR. However, we regularly produce detailed reports for trustees  and advisors of the charity.

Besides  this small charity, we also founded a UK-wide health support network called Healed by Compassion health support network, which has profiles on LinkedIn (22,700 followers) and Twitter (33,500 followers). Our Vice Chair has approximately 17,600 followers on his LinkedIn profile, so in total we have over 73,800 followers on social media. 

Some of the people we helped provided a succinct summary of our good work, they wrote:

“Helping  the local community is about doing what matters on a very small scale  and doing little things that matters to the local community everyday.  When we put all that together, the positive impact is significant.”

 The people we helped shared these 2 good quotes:

(1) Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can take up the biggest space in someone's heart.

(2) The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

What are the expenses the crowdfunding aims to cover:

The specific costs are as follows

1. To cover some of the essential costs of running the small health charity and its heath support network, such as telephone bills, travelling expenses, insurance, therapy room rental costs (when delivering face to face counselling), clinical supervision, membership of professional organisations, broadband (when providing emotional support via internet), reimburse volunteers' expenses (such as refreshments), replacing aging and faulty desktop computer, laptop and mobile phone used by the charity for its services, PO Box address rental, stationery and a wide variety of miscellaneous costs when the complex needs arise from various communities we support. 

2. To alleviate extreme poverty and severe hardship continuously suffered by our middle aged disabled chairman as a direct result of the impact of ongoing bullying, harassment, discrimination, victimisation and persecution (leaving him in ill health, ruined his reputation and made him unemployable) from the UK Establishment, who repeatedly threaten and silence our chairman and charity advisors due to their advocacy work in socially marginalised communities.

3. To pay for the costs of hiring professional legal support from a Solicitor's Firm or a Chamber with direct-access Barristers to carry out these 3 essentials tasks

(a) To handle the large volume of emails and letters written by powerful individuals to bully our chairman when he was trying to help socially disadvantaged communities. Our chairman has disabilities in his eye, nose, mouth, face, speech, skin and colon, life is already painful enough without suffering bullying. In one of the incidents, the bullies sent 2 male strangers to scare our chairman in his home, this kind of bullying is rare even in countries with no human rights legislation. 

(b) To help our chairman seek legal remedies for the aforementioned bullying and harassment. The previous cases collapsed because we had no money to hire professional legal support, as a result he suffered many profound disadvantages in the legal process and received no justice. In fact, the bullying intensified after our chairman tried to seek justice in the courts and when the courts did not protect him, the individuals continued the objectionable behaviour. 

(c) Use the law to ensure the bullying will desist, the losses are recovered, incidents of similar nature will not be repeated and persuade the authorities to carry out independent investigations (as a small poor charity, we have no resources or expertise to do this tasks)

The aforementioned tasks are essential because our chairman, who is severely disabled with several serious medical conditions, cannot continue to suffer the intolerable bullying from the individuals. 

We have received free legal advice from several pro bono organisations prior to writing this summary and was advised not to mention the names of the individuals who bullied our chairman as it would lead them to make more accusations. However, if genuine supporters would like to see the evidence, we would be happy to meet with you.

Who does this high profile case affect and why does the case matter

Our chairman is an award winning, widely published and well regarded Community Leader who devoted his life to serving the public. At the height of his career, he was published all over the world. 

When the bullying began, our disabled chairman was recovering from major surgical operations. For the past several years, this vulnerable disabled man to forced to spent most of his time and energy on coping with a wide range of grotesque bullying. This meant he could not properly recover or find employment (which caused profound poverty, leaving no money to hire legal help). Some of the incidents put his personal safety at risk.

What's at stake for the charity and communities it help

The volunteers in our small charity spent the last 6 years helping the disabled chairman to cope with the horrific bullying, leaving less time and resources to help the communities.

What happens if nothing is done 

If nothing is done about the bullying, then the individuals will persist and in fact they have continued the bullying to this day.

This distressing high profile case has wide public significance. At the last 3 court hearings, our chairman had no money to hire legal support and even though he was accompanied by a group of charity volunteers, the wealthy defendants (who had money to hire powerful lawyers) won. The judges treated our chairman with contempt and made decisions that are totally unfair. This set precedence, which means that bullies can enjoy impunity if they are wealthy and have money to hire powerful lawyers. In other words, those have lots of money can enjoy impunity while the poor can't get any justice. 

Due to massive cuts in legal aid, there is no legal aid for harassment, misfeasance in public office, personal injury and defamation, which is why friends in the charity sector advised us to seek public support via crowdfunding.

What's next in the legal process

The previous cases collapsed due to lack of legal support. With sufficient resources, we can launch a private prosecution, judicial review and new civil claims as well as appeals against the wrong decisions in old claims. Or at least hire an experienced lawyer to write a letter asking the individuals to desist harassing our disabled chairman and his supporters.  

Appreciation of support

To show our appreciation, supporters who donated £10 or more can choose to be thanked on social media and supporters who donated £20 or more can choose to receive a certificate of appreciation via email. If you would like this, please contact us via our social media profiles on Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Genuine supporters can contact us via our social media profiles on Twitter or LinkedIn: 

Search “Healed by Compassion” on the internet and our social media profiles are listed on results page one.


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