Raising £4,900 to help choir director's treatment

by Kayo Music in London, England, United Kingdom

Raising £4,900 to help choir director's treatment
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Weʼre raising £4,900 to help fund abdominal treatment

by Kayo Music in London, England, United Kingdom

Choir director looking to raise £4,900 for proven treatment on painful bowel adhesions that have been severely affecting my life for over 3 years.



I’m usually a vivacious (non-profit) choir director by night and a passionate training consultant and training manager by day. That was until recently being hospitalised due to abdominal adhesions. Following an abdominal operation 3 years ago for troublesome fibroids, I was recently hospitalised and nil-by mouth for 5 weeks. My intestinal system had completely shut down due to a complete bowel obstruction. I was in a nightmare of pain and excessive vomiting. The medics had no choice but to operate. I had a resection of the small bowel. They cut out the collapsed part of my intestine and joined the 2 healthy parts together. I lost 2.5 stones as my body hit starvation due to this condition. 5 months later, with the bowel inflammation still decreasing, I have not been able to return to work as I’m still trying to get fully back on my feet! My GP expects my full recovery to take 9 months in total.

Post op positivity

The problem is that the stomach does not like being touched! When a person is prone to problematic adhesions, one operation leads to even more adhesions, leading to more and more stomach operations. A painful vicious circle ensues. For many, this finally results in a stoma, the use of a colostomy bag. This is not the road that I want to travel! 


I have found out that there is another way. There is a non-intrusive treatment by Clear Passage. This treatment offers a form of deep physical therapy that can disband the adhesions rather like over-extending an elastic band. The treatment takes one consecutive week. It is a one-time treatment and they teach you to self-maintain so that you should never have to experience the horror of a blocked bowel ever again.


My decision to take this route comes after several months of research by an independent, professional researcher. We have explored all the options available on the NHS and credible alternative therapies. Together we have found this treatment to be the most effective, evidence-based, non-intrusive treatment.


I would really love to receive this treatment. I determinedly want to stay out of hospital and I don’t want them to cut me open ever again! I want my life back. I want to keep giving and I have a lot to give! The cost of treatment is £4,900. Would you help me to reach this health goal?



In return for your financial support, you will get; a vivacious, creative director of a House Music choir, a passionate training consultant who teaches about unconscious bias and a woman who will keep using her talents to make a difference. 


In thanks for your help, you can also sign up for;

  • a free 1-day group Voice Magnetix™  coaching session with me in London - Enhance your communications and connection with personal and professional relationships, enhance your public speaking and decrease vocal anxiety, build vocal resonance and presence.


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You can read more about the rewards from the right side of the page.

This is not about giving a lot. You can donate any amount that's affordable to you. I know that we are many and I know that great things are done by a series of small things brought together. 

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Thank you for giving. Thank you for helping.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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