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Enabling full accessibility in order to provide welcome, inclusion and hospitality for all people in our Centre for Community

by Greyfriars Charteris Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Greyfriars Charteris Centre is a Centre for Community. It exists to provide a place of connection with communities of all kinds: location, people, faith, need, interest, aspiration and many more. All its activities, whether directly managed or curated, give local people the opportunity to be supported and connected, and to reach their potential through gaining new skills, building on existing abilities, and developing self-confidence. Whilst this is a wide-ranging mission, the vision for its operations is through two main strands: Wellbeing and Enterprise. 

We have been collating a package of funding to assist with a partial redevelopment of the Centre, to enable it to work better for now and the future.  The works will cost around £2 million to complete and we're nearly there at our target.  Now, you can be a part of things and through our rewards you could physically be part of the finalised Centre with our exclusive Wall of Fame!  Your support, however small, will enable us to achieve our goals and, together with the regular user groups in the Centre, continue to support even more people through Wellbeing and Enterprise activities in the years ahead.

Our plan, that has received planning permission for work to commence in September this year, includes ensuring full disability access including a lift that will cover all 4 levels, making the main entrance more visible and welcoming, and increasing/enhancing toilet facilities and utility provisions. 

Whilst other Community facilities exist in the area, we felt a more coordinated and inclusive approach was needed. Simply using the vast resources in the Centre for random isolated lets did not sit well with us in order to build on the work of the Very Reverend Archibald H Charteris in supporting local people from our buildings since 1895.  

A ‘curated’ approach stood out as the best way of working in order to bring maximum benefit to service providers and beneficiaries alike. Groups form a community in themselves – the Charteris Community – and are brought together to network and cross refer. As a result, we have seen collaborations created between Centre user groups that have gone on to provide more benefit to local people by directly meeting their individual needs. Our research showed us that a coordinated focus on Wellbeing and Enterprise was needed in the area, so we embarked on sourcing groups to deliver a range of services for the benefit of local people. With a self-sustaining focus looking forwards, our model would see full price corporate lets supporting the discounted or free provision to community focused lets. The coordination and enabling of these activities has become a real strength of the Charteris Centre. Whilst bringing all this activity together, we realised that the Centre could not fully deliver on our vision with its current layout and accessibility issues. Some groups we would wish to support or who expressed a wish to be part of our operation, could not fully access the Centre, or if they could, the facilities including toilets were not of a style that would support all their users. 

So that was why we embarked on a plan to bring a partial redevelopment of the Centre – embracing the existing but enhancing it for the future. And you can help us get this completed.

Have a look at our website for more information at and feel free to get in touch if we can help you with your ideas to support local people.  And of course, if you are feeling extra generous and wish to donate more than the suggested reward amounts, please get in touch.  Email our Development Manager at to discuss.  

Thank you in anticipation of your support that will help us support others more effectively.

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