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If you have chosen to run a reward-based crowdfunding campaign instead, please click this link to access support for crowdfunding projects. 

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How does it work?

We provide the charity with its own dedicated fundraising page which anyone can use to get their own fundraiser up and running in minutes. All the funds go direct to the charity and all the fundraisers are visible on the charity main page showing a total all donations. Each page also allows anyone to donate directly to the charity.

How long does the money take to arrive?

Typically it will take 6-8 weeks for a charity to receive all funds raised from a fundraiser. This is because there is a fundraising period that needs to elapse before we collect all the funds and then an additional period to allow the funds to work through our partner's payment system.

Is Gift Aid fully covered?

Yes every donation from a UK tax-paying person will carry the Gift Aid benefit meaning every donation with a Gift Aid declaration will add on 25%.

Will we get details of our supporters?

After logging in to their page, we will provide each charity with their own dashboard and reporting capability allowing them to access the contact information of every donor who voluntarily requested to receive information directly from the charity. 

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