CAYA AUDIO:Mics to 'Educate, Entertain &  Empower'

by Thali Lotus in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 23rd June 2021 we successfully raised £10,100 with 186 supporters in 51 days

To give a voice to the World! Educating Entertaining and Empowering people through innovative microphones,

by Thali Lotus in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the additional funding, this will allow for more additional stock but also;

The development of the website 

Expansion of the CAYA AUDIO range with the M2 lapel mic

Even more sustainable production

I can hear myself, but I want you to understand me too- Unmuting the World!

Could you imagine Civilization without the voice of the most influential people of our time, imagine if we never got to hear that speech, the lyrics to that song or the oppositional argument of that political party. How would they have imparted on us all their gifts? Do you believe or  have you ever felt like you are the voice of change, or that your lyrics need to be played across airwaves or  that imparting your knowledge is paramount for Global sustainability?


According to Joseph Lalonde,

Your words, especially words of affirmation, will help inspire those you lead. When you share your ideas confidently, securely, and with boldness, you inspire others to do the same.

CAYA AUDIO is a brand that serves as a belief system- CAYA, Come As You Are, believes that inspiring others is authentically shaped- by empowering authenticity and supporting difference.  We, all as individuals, communities, creatives, Educators, Activists need to be catered for and need to be heard. 

We should not be blending in but standing out, we should not only speak of change we shall be it. We deserve to be at the forefront on behalf of our beliefs. It is with this concept that we have designed the CAYA X3E; made intentionally as a microphone that audially and authentically amplifies sound but visually is courageous too.

The CAYA X3E stands for Educate, Entertain & Empower. This high spec microphone aims to inspire all who want to be heard! From Musicians working at home or live on stage, Educators giving keynote speeches or Hobbyists recording Podcasts. The key features of the CAYA X3E are;



  •  MEMS OR ELECTRET models
  • ROBUST but ADAPTABLE, Loud but light, Powerful and practical. Made for all occasions and customization with multiple functionality options.
  • Reinforced design from professional live recordings to basic home studios for Musicians to the budding Hobbyist.   Water resistance and Drop- Tested. 
  • Authentic and transparent, CAYA AUDIO aims to inspire with an transparent cutting edge open window design, allowing all to see the inner workings of the design specifics with confidence.
  • 9HRS of battery life
  • POWER Make a grand stage entrance or record on the go, the CAYA X3E helps you achieve just that. Engineered to minimize feedback, whether in hand or on a desk, low latency and high impedance specifics cater for all occasions.


Hi I'm Thali, founder of CAYA -Come As You Are Audio, Enterprise & Soundsystem.

Born in London into a Soundsystem household, it has always been musical vibrations and frequency that have been prominent in my life, constantly steering the direction that it takes. Having attended the Brits performing Arts School together with an array of other musical experiences I founded CAYA Soundsystem & Enterprise in 2016, and it is the musical hub of CAYA AUDIO which emerged in 2020. 

Now CAYA Soundsystem is one of only 3 female led Soundsystems in the UK and has proudly collaborated with many organisations ranging from the BBC, Goldsmiths University, The British Library, Boiler Room and PRS Magazine. However, the journey of CAYA AUDIO started in 2020 as a result of becoming frustrated with the Soundsystem being the token act, that allowed for the equality and diversity box to be filled, I wanted to be able to show up in all situations and occasions and for what I did to transcend all differences of language, race, color or sexuality. I started thinking about how I could make a difference not only culturally, but innovatively and globally too. 

I began envisaging how from a musical standpoint I could impact the lives of not only hundreds but millions by way of an audio device in more of a way that the Soundsystem ever could. I visualised the perfect item would be; high quality, bold in appearance, accessible globally, sustainable materially and high spec.  Then one day it came to me, the idea struck, a microphone! 

Do you realise without the microphone we would never have heard, Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech, we would not receive our daily News bulletins, have heard of the #meetoo movement or the WHOs announcement of the Corona Virus Pandemic? 

CAYA AUDIO was created to stand for difference but to also stand for all. Not just those who are marginalized but all people to make them feel heard and empowered. I’m using the mic as a message to communicate that making an impact begins with being true to your passions and gifts and authentically being committed to that- Come As You Are CAYA.

 The TEAM1621265529_the_team.jpg


The aim is to raise a minimum of £10,000 with a stretch target of £15,000. I have already invested in the brand and key start-up costs. The money raised will be used to get high quality resources that match the high quality of the product.

  • Additional stock, to get into the hands of the community   
  • Marketing, to reach the community
  • Packaging, sleek in appearance and function of a caliber that matches mainstream brands.


Upon reaching target, the intention is to start production immediately with an aim to launch 6-8 weeks after. 

 Pledge now!!!!

Thank you for your time and we appreciate your support. 


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