Carisips: An exotic drinking experience

by Aisha Jade in London, England, United Kingdom


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To make Carisips natural spiced drinks to available for everyone!

by Aisha Jade in London, England, United Kingdom


Imagine sitting on a white sandy beach in a sunny Caribbean island, sipping on an ice cold spicy ginger drink but in reality you're in England and it's cold. This is what Carisips drinks does - transports to you to a happy place.

There are 3 flavours:

• Sorrel Spice – A rich and fruity hibiscus drink

• Ginger Zing – Luscious and peppery, designed for ginger-lovers (formerly called Honey Ginger)

• Zesty Tamarind – Sour with a subtle sweetness for those who love bold flavours

All drinks can be served hot, cold or as a mixer. They are still, non-alcoholic, suitable for vegans and contain spice extracts known to help with digestion.



I started food blogging and travelling to explore Caribbean food. The ingredients I discovered were popular amongst other cultures and I realised that many of us eat and drink the same things we just call them different names and/or prepare them in different ways. For example, Sorrel Spice is called Karkade in Egypt, Zobo in Nigeria and Agua De Jamaica in Mexico.

The UK soft drinks market needs diversifying and 55% of British shoppers agree, sourced from a Britvic report done in 2018. It is also dominated by a handful of large manufacturers. Carisips allows people to connect with the flavours they had growing up. Flavours that a variety of people in the UK are familiar with yet, these flavours are not widely available.



•  a full rebrand

• product development for 3 drinks 

• ingredient sourcing 

• bottles and labels 

• trial runs

• shelf-life and nutritional

Join me on my journey to bring Carisips to the masses and allow people to create memorable moments with my flavourful drinks! 



Chantelle – Tasty and mouth-watering drinks. They did not last in my house  

Bantu Chef – Delicious and refreshing drinks

Rochelle - They remind me of Spring and Summertime. Ginger Zing is the perfect morning drink

Christina – Sorrel takes me back to my trip on the Nile.


Image: Feedback from customers on our first trading day at Surrey Street Market.


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