by All of us at Camden Comedy Club in London, England, United Kingdom



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We need to raise money to keep our beloved venue alive through to the other side!

by All of us at Camden Comedy Club in London, England, United Kingdom

If we can raise the money, it will be amazing!

We need to raise money to keep our beloved venue alive through to the other side! We have a 10 year track record for promoting some of the best stand-up, sketch, poetry and improv. Helping to develop the careers of the people you now see on the telly, comedy venues such as ours are the life blood of the comedy industry.

Booking & programming events into the venue are some of the best promoters in the country. Performing on the stage is a rite of passage for many UK & international acts. Just a few of the artists who’ve performed on our modest stage are:

Aisling Bea, Nish Kumar, Tom Allen, Sara Pascoe, Bridget Christie, Mae Martin, Alan Carr, Dane Baptiste, Mark Watson, Desiree Burch, Rosie Jones, Ed Gamble, Eshaan Akbar, Felicity Ward, Russell Howard, Jess Fostekew, Harry Hill, Iain Sterling, James Acaster, Bisha K Ali, Joel Dommett, Josh Widdicombe, Suzi Ruffell, Lucy Porter, Darren Harriott, Ed Byrne, Mawaan Rizwaan, Nick Helm, Stewart Lee, Rhys James, Rich Hall, Roisin Conaty, Fern Brady, Sunil Patel, Sara Barron, Lou Sanders.


Why are we crowdfunding?

We want to see live comedy back on its feet when this is all over!

Since the forced closure in March this year, we managed to open briefly for a couple of wonderful socially distanced months, however our doors are closed again and we have now gone from being a well-established and financially viable independent business, to now being at risk of closing permanently.

Anyone interested in supporting our campaign to keep the premises alive, would be contributing to keep the premises in 'hibernation mode', allowing us to carry on paying for the bare minimum essential costs to keep the premises ticking over until we're able to re-open and put events on again.  These costs include rent, insurance, services (gas, water, electricity), legal & accounting, as well as building maintenance & security including fire alarm, intruder alarm, broadband, and comms systems.


About Camden Comedy Club

Our wonderful comedy dedicated venue is renowned as the place for emerging artists to develop their trade as well as huge TV names to connect with grass roots audiences and work on new material. From long established acts like Harry Hill and Stewart Lee to newly emerging stars such as Rosie Jones and Mawaan Rizwaan, so many great comics have performed on our stage at various points in their careers. We started putting on shows 10 years ago, in 2014 we refurbished and launched as Camden Comedy Club. Before the pandemic we were running over 500 shows and workshops, involving hundreds of comedians and thousands of audience members every year.

We have a diverse program designed to nurture new talent and material, as well as sold out weekend club nights with top professional acts delivering rip roaring evenings which would compete with any larger venue. We have a loyal audience throughout the week to whom we are forever grateful.

But there’s more to it, the room is also used as rehearsal space for emerging projects and the connected pub (The Camden Head) is a popular hangout for comics and audiences alike. All at risk of being lost.


Save Live Comedy!

Without live comedy we will lose so much, and we are extremely vulnerable at the moment.

These grassroots venues play a crucial role in the development of British comedy, nurturing local and international talent, providing a platform for artists to build their careers and to develop their writing and performance skills. These venues also play a vital role in the cultural and economic vibrancy of any village, town or city, it would be heart-breaking if they were gone when we are able to return.


Councillor Jonathan Simpson, Chair of Cultural Camden, comments: 

“As is the case with all of Camden’s entertainment venues, The Camden Comedy Club has been closed throughout most of the crisis. Over the past 10 years, The Camden Comedy Club, in the heart of Camden Town, has hosted a huge number of performances for artists who have now broken through to the mainstream.  The venue is part of the wider arts culture in the borough and while it’s closed, it’s meant that we’ve not seen the amazing live performances that make our borough so special.

The crisis has had an immeasurable impact on venue owners, artists and all the teams of supporting staff who make live entertainment so special and vibrant here in the borough of Camden.  Camden is known world-wide for its unbelievably diverse live entertainment venues and its overall cultural creativity.  And comedy forms such a crucial part of this mix, providing employment, opportunity and inspiration for up-and-coming talent, many of whom are young, local residents. Without them and without the Camden Comedy Club, we’re not going to have the vibrant cultural scene that Camden has been known for over the past decades.

We see the light at the end of the tunnel but we must stand alongside our venues. Please play your part to ensure venues like the Camden Comedy Club are still with us, so we can all share a joke with each other when we get to the other side of this terrible crisis.  Every little bit helps, whether it’s donating to a Crowdfunder page or perhaps purchasing advance tickets for future shows.”

Please donate, share this page widely and do what you can to help us to make sure our venue for all those who get so much from it!


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