Call Me Diana

At last a true tribute to Princess Diana. Please help us bring our musical to life by assisting in the financing of a showcase to investors.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:42pm 3rd October 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:42pm 3rd October 2018





Composer & Book: DAVID SMART.   Lyricist & Book: BRIAN WATSON.

Story Editor: Ex Royal Correspondent, RICHARD KAY.



The story

         Diana Princess of Wales was, and still is one of the greatest icons of our time. No other human being has ever had the following that she had and, remarkably still has, even twenty years after her death. Her fight back, against all odds, has empowered women the world over. The incredible love for the beauty that was Princess Diana is still as strong as ever, her millions of fans around the globe still voice their affection for the People’s Princess on a daily basis.

        ‘Call Me Diana’ is a tribute and a celebration of that undying love. There is no mention of conspiracy theories or other such distractions, this musical is written to make every Diana fan the world over leave the theatre elated.

        Each spectacular scene, along with 20 wonderful original music tracks, takes us through Princess Diana’s fascinating and emotional Royal journey. Starting with her untimely death in Paris, and travelling back in time we witness the shy young woman who loses her way through a broken fairy tale. Only to emerge at the other end as the confident and loving world icon, the Star she became, leading us to an amazing uplifting finale to a show that will bring a tear and a smile to the faces of Diana fans, and a much wider audience the world over.

   The villains of the piece

        Every musical needs its villains, and the paparazzi is ours. Yet one TV Journalist, Ben, shows an unrequited love for the People’s Princess. The closer Ben is required to get to Diana, the stronger his love for Her Royal Highness becomes. His emotions are a complete reflection of the feelings of millions of Diana fans the world over, thus enabling every member of the audience to re-live their love for the Princess through our leading man. His frustrations echo their frustrations. His anger echoes their anger. His love echoes their love.   

 Long awaited tribute

        Twenty plus years after Diana's death there has been no real tribute to this remarkable woman....until now. To bring this long awaited tribute to life, we need your help. You can play a big part in making this happen. Your contributions will enable us to showcase our spectacular stage musical tribute in London's West End. Our aim is to perform this showcase in front of an invited audience of Producers, Investors and the Media, in a bid to raise the full funding needed to stage the full production.

Your very own tribute to the Princess

       Whatever you give to this project will always be accredited to you....wherever 'Call Me Diana' appears, right across the globe, your name will appear in the show's programme at every single performance. So the world will know that you helped make it possible to stage this wonderful tribute to The People’ Princess.

                                                             Listen to the music

                                      Please click here to listen to some of the demo tracks from this new musical.


                                                     Where the money will go

                                                      AUDITIONS, REHEARSAL ROOMS & PERSONNEL: 10%

                                                               VENUE COSTS,(London West End Theatre): 14%

                                                                                                MUSICIANS: 25%

                                                                              ACTORS, ENSEMBLE ETC: 12%

                                                                  MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: 10%

                                                                                         SUPPORT TEAM: 15%

                                                                         STAGING & MISC EQUIPMENT: 8%

                                                                                       PROPS & SUPPLIES: 6%

              PLEASE NOTE: The Creators, The Director & The Main Production Team will NOT take any fees.

                INTERNATIONAL DONATIONS: In rare cases, your bank may need to sanction the transaction.                                                                          Please click on 'Contact' if we can be of assistance.

                                                                   Our Team

    A collaboration of experienced media professionals, each of whom, in their different ways can tell a story                                                          and make it interesting, engaging and very entertaining.


David Smart: Composer & Book

David became one of the UK's most prolific composers in TV advertising,  with over 250 original scores. He has also composed trailers to blockbuster films, and recently written for, and produced a host of new artists

Brian Watson: Lyricist & Book

Brian is a successful, award winning Writer, Director, Author and Lyricist. When working in the advertising industry, as Creative Director, Brian helped build some of the world's most  famous, and biggest brands.

Richard Kay, Ex Royal Correspondent: Story Editor

Richard was London's top Royal Correspondent for most of Diana's Royal lifetime. Indeed, he became one of the Princess' closest friends, and her personal confidant. It was Richard who received the last phone call from Diana on the day that she died.

John DeGaetano: Director

John has worked for more than 30 years in theatre,  and film. A Broadway World nominee, John has an amazing list of directorial credits to his name: Les Miserables, Cats, West Side Story, Evita and many more.

We would love you to be part of this spectacular new musical, Call Me Diana. Please join us on this exciting journey and you could help us bring this beautiful, moving and uplifting tribute to the truly wonderful Diana, Princess of Wales to the world's stage.

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