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CalAid's unique Optics Project helping refugee children and adults see their future

by CalAidShopkeeper in Ioannina

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CalAid provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced people in Greece.


To support our Optics Project you can either DONATE or PLEDGE whereby you recieve a small gift. By PLEDGING a suggested donation of £5, £10 or £14 you will recieve a pack of unique CalAid cards as a thank you! All other donated amounts are welcome too, but unless you click PLEDGE you will not recieve our Winter Cards.

We were previously the largest provider of non-food items in the Epirus region and are very excited to be announcing the launch of CalAid's Optics Project! After a year piloting this vital service to refugees and displaced people in Northern Greece we want to expand our project across the country. 

Winter Cards

Our Winter cards feature stunning photos taken by Joan Coutts Chandler. Joan is an amateur wildlife photographer from Toronto, Canada. She captured these Chinstrap and Emperor penguins during an  expedition to Antarctica, hosted by National Geographic, in 2015.

We think they are just perfect for celebrating winter, where ever, together!

Have a super Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a lovely St Lucia Day, a great Fiesta of Lady Guadalupe, a cool Kwanzaa and say yey to Yule.  

Our story

Last year, in the school constructed by CalAid, teachers found that children just couldn't see to learn. On enquiry with other charities supporting refugees we discovered this was an area that nobody was responding to, so, CalAid's Optics Project was born.

In just one year we've already tested every child Epirus camps, given out hundreds of pairs of glasses and now we provide this service for refered adults as well! This means hundreds of disadvantaged people are now able to study, to live independantly and integrate into their new communities.

What impact will your support have

Your support will enable children and adult refugees to integrate into their new communities and restart their lives.

By something as simple as being able to see, we ensure that displaced children are able to maximise their learning potential. We can already see the impact of CalAid's Optics Project with children starting local Greek schools, but, there are over 10,000 refugee children just in Athens, and more in camps across Greece.

“School is so much easier now I can read” Tabarra, aged 8, Optics Project Service User

We want more children like Tabarra to be able to learn their fourth language in school.

Another example is Khaliba, an older gentleman who not only had poor vision, but also a condition that meant he was extremely sensitive to sunlight. As a result, he couldn’t be outside for much of the day. CalAid arranged the prescription and provided special tinted glasses for him. He was overjoyed!

“If I could dance I would...” Khaliba, aged 76, Optics Project Service User

Just a couple of examples of how our Optics Project has made a difference already. With your support we can make an even bigger difference to more lives

CalAid are the only charity providing this service to refugees in Greece and we want to make this service available to more people.

With your support we can do this! We want to give every child and adult refugee in Greece the chance to see.

£ 55.00 - Provides advanced diagnostics for an eye test
£ 35.00 - Fits a new set of prescription glasses
£ 10.00 - Provides an eye test


This is a charitable fundraising appeal in aid of the CalAid Collective Fund, a restricted fund held by Prism the Gift Fund, registered charity 1099682


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

For just £5 you will recieve a pack of two stunning cards, one of each design. Don't just say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah- send it! P&P to you included.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

For £10 you will recieve a pack of 6 cards, three of each wintery and wonderful design. Cards for those nearest and dearest to you this wintertime. P&P to you included.

£14 or more

£14 Reward

What's black and white and read all over? A pack of 10 CalAid Cards that you send to those that matter, wherever they are in the world. P&P to you included.

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