Café Art by Westminster Business University

The aim of the project is raise money for Café Art to set up a new project for London street homeless in order to engage with art.

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £102 with 8 supporters in 35 days

We are a group of 5 students from Westminster Business School charged with creating a crowdfunding project for a social enterprise in London. After hearing Café Art’s story and how they impact the homeless community in London, we knew this was the social enterprise we wanted to make an impact with. We have been working with Café Art for the past several weeks and want to launch a successful campaign to further this not-for-profit company’s growth.

Café Art is a social enterprise based in London that gives back to the homeless community and those that are socially vulnerable. Café Art frames artwork created by those that are affected by homelessness and displays them in cafes and coffee shops around the city. 80% of the proceeds are given to the artist, with the remaining 20% returned back to Café Art to further the project and company. Currently, Café Art has one full time employee, the man who started the company, Paul Ryan. The company is financially supported by individuals and organisations, and plans to become fully self-sustainable in the future.

Every year, Café Art passes out disposable cameras to the homeless, provided by Fujifilm UK, in order to produce a calendar. Given 5 days, these people are charged to capture the city of London from their perspective and the photos are entered into a competition for the calendar. Proceeds from the MyLondon Calendar go directly back to those photographers and Café Art.

We want to raise £1,000 for this amazing company, Café Art. By clicking the donation link, you will be helping make a real difference in the lives of rough sleepers around the city of London. As part of a special deal with our project, Café Art have kindly given us their surplus stock of the MyLondon 2018 Calendar to give away with a minimum of a £10 donation. On behalf of the Westminster Business School and Café Art, thank you for helping make an impact.

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