Help Us Ditch Single-Use Plastic

by Bryce Cunningham in Mauchline, Ayrshire and Arran, Scotland

We want to ditch plastics, and package ALL of the Mossgiel Girls milk into re-useable glass bottles and milk churns

by Bryce Cunningham in Mauchline, Ayrshire and Arran, Scotland

We did it
On 15th August 2018 we successfully raised £10,030 with 244 supporters in 47 days

New stretch target

With the stretch target, we could install milk vending machines in our supporters shops - helping reduce the impact of Mossgiel Milk even further.  With a vending machine - we supply milk in a 100 litre churn, and you fill your bottle of super-fresh, awesome and tasty milk yourself. :) 


Thanks for visiting - we're mega stoked you came!!

We really want to rid ourselves of single-use plastics, and get the Mossgiel Girls AWESOME Organic milk into reusable glass bottles and mini-milk churns.

Currently, 8 MILLION tonnes (that's 8, 000, 000, 000 kilos) of plastics are dumped into landfills, fields, the sea and woodlands around the world EVERY YEAR - and that doesn't sit well with us, so we want to pioneer the change!!

We are committed to replacing single-use plastics with reusable packaging for 100% of the Mossgiel Girls milk by the end of the summer, and yeah - that's this year!!  Our biggest issue is cost - plastic bottles are 75% cheaper than glass to buy - meaning we would need to pass that big initial cost on to our supporters and ask a faceless, mega-bank for an interest-laden loan. BOOOO!!!


So Farmer Bryce had an idea (can't be good) - we could ask for a small rental deposit for the glass bottle each time you collect your Mossgiel Milk, and each time you head back to a supporting stockist with an empty bottle, or have your next delivery of more of the Mossgiel Girls finest, you only pay for the milk itself; and if you decided you didn't want any more that day - the empty bottle would be like your own little glass cheque of awesomeness!!  :D

For our crowdfunder, we thought it would be mega cool to ask for you to pre-pay the deposit - and we will let YOU decide how much!!!!

If you can support our crowdfunder, we will send you a voucher for FOUR glass bottle rentals with little re-sealable caps for your brand new Mossgiel Milk bottle (then you can re-seal the bottle after the foil cap has gone) - then you can head to your local Mossgiel Milk supporter, or have the girls milk delivered to you, and only pay for the fresh, organic, white gold inside :) 

Thanks for reading and watching - we think you guys are MOOOOOARVELLOUS..........

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