Bulgarian Raw Honey

by Miroslav Oprev in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Raw Honey
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We help people who care about their family’s health get their jar of 100% pure, raw and natural local honey.

by Miroslav Oprev in Bulgaria

We believe that every family should have easy access to all-natural honey straight from the hive.

Meet Bulgarian Raw Honey – your daily dose of the finest quality pure natural raw honey!

Everybody knows that Belgium is the land of chocolate, Switzerland is the land of Alpine milk, and France is the land of cheese. But did you know that Bulgaria is the land of honey? That’s where the finest quality artisan creamy buttery liquid gold comes from.

In the land of honey, our bees have never even smelled antibiotics or hormones. They freely forage on local wildflowers, herbs, and blossoms grown in unique virgin natural spots.

Europe’s honey land Bulgaria is home to the best all-natural pure raw honey for a reason.  Did you know that Bulgaria is the largest herb producer and exporter in Europe?[Source: Eurostat] This is the reason Bulgarian raw honey is so rich in flavor and taste! What’s more, the diverse herbs our bees forage on, contribute to its unique health benefits you won’t find in any other honey worldwide.

The result? A naturally rich in flavor wildflower honey free from pesticides, chemicals, pollution, and other industrial pollutants. From the meadows where the flowers grow naturally through the hardworking bees and the local artisan beekeepers to your kitchen table. Only 100% pure honey to sweeten your day. And your life. 

Unique geographic region ...

Bulgarian Raw Honey is a local artisan house. We help people who care about their family’s health get their jar of 100% pure, raw and natural local honey. It comes directly from the beehive to your kitchen countertop. It’s as simple as that.

We believe that every family should have easy access to all-natural honey straight from the hive. All our products are locally sourced and locally produced. Your jar of divine sweetness comes from small family run bee farms where bees are treated with respect.

The old-style beekeepers we collaborate with are passing their craft from generation to generation. They rely only on traditional and natural treatments – their bees are ever treated with antibiotics, hormones or non-natural chemicals.

When you buy from Bulgarian Raw Honey, your jar of organic raw honey can be traced back to the exact area it comes from and the particular family-owned apiary that produced it. With every jar of 100% pure honey coming straight from the bees, you give your family a totally unprocessed whole food – just as Mother Nature intended.

With every jar you purchase from Bulgarian Raw Honey, you contribute to the sustainable development of the small-scale beekeeper in charge of its production. 

With every purchase you make, you improve another family’s living and working conditions. We strive to enable sustainable development and community empowerment. Our mission is to give you the best quality raw honey while, at the same time, protect the environment, and promote safe and healthy working and living conditions for local beekeepers.

When you buy your unfiltered raw honey from us, you are not just buying a jar of honey. You are supporting a more humane and more ethical approach that benefits everyone involved – beekeepers, workers, bees, your family, and the environment.

When buying raw honey that is produced in an ethical manner, you help the small Bulgarian beekeepers reach new markets while keeping your family healthy with the help of Bulgarian Raw Honey! This is the easiest way to say No to artificial supermarket honey, industrialized honey production, faceless corporations, and unethical honey-making practices.

Small local beekeepers devoted to producing the highest quality raw honey in Europe often find it impossible to offer their premium quality honey at today’s global marketplace. 

This is where Bulgarian Raw Honey steps in. We make sure that with every jar of honey you buy from us, you are directly empowering the beekeeper who made your honey. Our goal is to involve more and more artisan Bulgarian beekeepers in the production of Bulgarian Raw Honey, helping them reach new markets with their premium bee products.

“I wanted to present the Bulgarian raw honey with its amazing nutritious and health benefits to the world. I have traveled a lot and I have been to many countries. I have to admit, there is no honey that can compare in taste and flavor with the Bulgarian raw honey. 

I deeply care about sustainable development and the environment. I know what the fertile Bulgarian land has to offer the bees and I see the devotion with which our artisan beekeepers make their honey.”

Now we need your help to bring Bulgarian Raw Honey to the market! We’re aiming to raise £5,000 which will go towards funding our very first production run. The more money you pledge, the bigger the support to the small scale beekeepers will be! If we hit this goal our next step would be to start working with a fulfillment centre in central Europe which will help us greatly reduce shipping costs and delivery times. 

Miroslav Oprev - Founder

Miroslav has over 10+ years of industry experience in the graphic and digital space. He has worked in international tech companies based in the UK and projects he was working on can be even found on Sir Richard Branson's' Necker Island BVI. He created and developed many successful designs projects for clients like Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Virgin, Sky, Vodafone, Orange Bank, Experian, and many others.

As it often happens, fatherland calls his children back. This is what happened to Miroslav as well – he got back to Bulgaria and soon felt the need to use his international experience to help local beekeepers present their finest quality raw honey to the world. That’s how Bulgarian Raw Honey was born! 

Venelina Brigova - Co-Founder / Project Co-ordinator

Venelina Brigova is the smart female presence of Bulgarian Raw Honey. An integral part of the team, she has been of invaluable help when it comes to the legal part of our endeavor. From when the idea about Bulgarian Raw Honey was born, all the way through certification and design, Venelina has been the watchful female eye that caught every little thing that could go wrong and gently pushed it back to the right direction with creativity and style.

Radina Paseva - Marketing

All-round intellectual and organic food enthusiast, Radina has been driving the development of Bulgarian Raw Honey forward at full speed as well as managing the production of our video and photographic content for this campaign together with managing all our social media profiles.

Our honey bees

Yes, our bees are a part of the team! At Bulgarian Raw Honey, we value their work and treat them with respect. They freely forage on local wildflowers, herbs, and blossoms grown in some of the purest rural regions of Bulgaria.

Photoshoot by 88Photo.co.uk, London UK


A visit to the packing warehouse

What is raw honey?

Raw honey is not processed, heated or filtered. Raw honey is unique as its floral source this is why the color from varietal to varietal, crop to crop.

Bulgarian Raw Honey vs. the Supermarket Honey – so what’s the difference?

Supermarket honey is a blend of honey from many different countries and floral origins. There’s no way for you to know exactly where it came from. What we do know is that it is processed, heated, filtered, and treated so that it has that familiar color and translucence that we have mistakenly come to know as “honey.” It is not. Real honey is raw honey. It comes in many colors, textures, and opacities. Each honey is as unique as its floral source.

How can I get in touch with your team?

If you want to get in touch with the Bulgarian Raw Honey team for anything to do with the campaign, or if you just fancy a chat then fire an email over to hello@bulgarianrawhoney.com or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Why have you partnered with Crowdfunder?

Partnering with Crowdfunder allows us to kick start our production & get Bulgarian Raw Honey to customers quicker than traditional methods.  As an international platform, Crowdfunder can also get us exposure to customers across Europe and the U.S, which is important to us.

When will the first jars of honey be delivered?

Deliveries will begin from January 2020, subject to no unforeseen production delays.

Where are you shipping to?

At the moment we are shipping to EU countries only. All perks are with shipping cost included.

We'd like to say thanks to all our followers, contributors, friends and family who have helped shape Bulgarian Raw Honey. Your ideas and feedback have allowed us to make this idea real and we're so excited to be sharing this journey with you.

If you have a spare second then please help us spread the word. Every extra person who knows about Bulgarian Raw Honey really helps.






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£8 or more

Thank you!

We appreciate your support at all levels and are extremely grateful for your donation! We will give you a shout at our Instagram and Facebook page as a thank you for your contribution.

£16 or more

Thank you Postcard

A huge way to say thank you for your support. Getting mail super exciting! Included in each personalised card will be a 15% discount code for any future order. We'll also give you a shout at our Instagram and Facebook pages. (Worldwide shipping included)

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Save the Bees Sticker + Postcard

Have you seen our Save the Bees Stickers? You are going to want one. And you are going to get one. Plus a personalised Postcard with 15% discount code. Plus a shout at our Instagram and Facebook pages. (Worldwide shipping included)

£48 or more

Jar of 100% Raw Honey / Limited Edition

As a huge thank you for helping us go to market we'll be sending you a special Crowdfunder edition jar of our pure golden honey straight from the hive. In addition, you'll get a Postcard with a 15% discount code for your next order together with our special "Save the Bees Sticker". (EU counties only. Shipping included)

£98 or more

Your Jar, Your Name / 100% Pure Raw Honey

Become part of the family. As a platinum supporter, we'll be sending you a jar of 100% pure raw lavender honey with your name on it! This is a special Crowdfunder campaign limited-edition batch for platinum supporters only. What's more, we'll also add your name in our Platinum Supporter section on our website and Facebook pages. (EU counties only. Shipping included)

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