Bubble & Squeak: Kids Saving Surplus Food!

AS SEEN IN TIME OUT! Help children grow their surplus food project. STRETCH TARGET ADDED - be a #foodwastewarrior and pledge!

We did it!

On 23rd May 2017 we successfully raised £5,564 of £4,500 target with 89 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target




Now we want to go one step further and add a stretch target of £995.99  for a ....


Double Door Upright 1200 Litre Capicity Industrial Fridge 



Lower temperatures + increase capacity




Who are we?                                               

Bubble & Squeak is a brand new kids ran social enterprise based in East Acton, London.  

We collect surplus food from shops, markets and supermarkets and redistribute it to local parents from Old Oak Primary School's Playground. 

How did it all start?

The Bubble & Squeak kids were learning all about food waste at Old Oak Primary School and during After School Club from Old Oak Community Centre.    Facts like: 

They were collectively SHOCKED at the amount of perfectly edible food that was going into landfill.  They just knew something had to be done about it.  So they came to us with an idea:

Why don't we collect perfectly edible low cost healthy surplus food and redistribute it to the local community. 

We were so impressed by their initiative, we got to work at making it happen.  We got in touch with some of the biggest food waste charities in the business and received an amazing response.  With their help we collected our first haul of surplus food in February 2017 and ran our first surplus food stall in the school playground.  

 This is how it works.... 

Why are we doing this?

What are we fund raising for?

  • We want a shipping container so we can store more surplus food 

  • With more stock we can have more food stalls at the school and also at the Community Centre across the road 

  • We can also recruit more volunteers to join us and look at ways to get food to those less mobile (i.e. the eldery) 

About us 

This is a joint project between Old Oak Community Centre and Old Oak Primary School.  We are located in East Acton (west London, UK).  We are in the north of the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham in the College Park and Old Oak Ward.  

We have 400 children involved in the project, with a core group of 30 plus 10 staff and parent volunteers collecting the food.  The two adult helpers (Lydia Gandaa and Eleanor Harrington) have between them have 13 years of working in the local community, as well as experience running successful food pop-ups and street food enterprises.  

You can check out our website at bubblesqueakeat.com .  We are also on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram with the handle @bubblesqueakeat  


We have been featured in Time Out Online with a short Food Waste Warrior video currently nudging 86,000 views.  As well as an article on the Hammersmith & Fulham website.  Head to bubblesqueakeat.com/press for all of our press links! 

What do you get for your pledge?

Our Bubble & Squeak kids have been busy planning and making some amazing rewards for your pledge towards this project.  Including some fab greeting cards, postcards and limited edition prints featuring healthy eating and food waste artwork.  We also have some very exclusive hand screen printed tote bags with our logo designed by the Bubble & Squeak kids.  

Plus.... a GRAND SURPLUS FOOD THANK YOU DINNER as well as a super fun FORAGING TOUR OF WORMWOOD SCRUBS (East Acton).  Dates will be confirmed at a later date for the end of summer 2017. 

Check it all out below! 

Thank you for reading our Crowdfunder page


What do you mean by surplus food?

Surplus food describes food that is still good to eat but is no longer wanted by the supplier.  This can be for many different reasons.    

Why are you not charging a set price for your food?

We are not a profit making business, this is a children led initiative to benefit the community.  The ‘pay as you feel’ donations we receive cover just a small amount of our overheads.

Why are your suppliers giving you surplus food for free?

We have made some great partnerships with London based charities that work with supermarkets, shops and markets to connect surplus food to worthy causes.  They do fantastic work and we are incredibly appreciative of their support. 

Rewards Queries 

All posted rewards will be posted out within 3 weeks of our Crowdfunding campaign finishing or they can be collected locally in East Acton.

If pledging for a greeting card design or A4 limited edition print: the design will feature a healthy eating or food waste design drawn by a talented Bubble & Squeak child! 

Your handwritten thank you postcard will be from a thankful Bubble & Squeak child.    

The dates for the foraging tour or the grand dinner will be confirmed at a later date set for the end of summer 2017.  

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