Broughton 'End of Lockdown' Celebrations

by Kerry Lamb in Broughton, England, United Kingdom


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Our aim is simple, to keep the Tally Ho! going, so that when the lockdown is lifted, we are here to celebrate with you.

by Kerry Lamb in Broughton, England, United Kingdom

The past
For the past eight years, we have been running our pub in Broughton. Along with our 13 local staff members, we have worked incredibly hard to make the Tally Ho! a hub of the village community; it's also a welcoming place for visitors to escape to: a traditional pub, in a stunning location. We are known for throwing great parties, as well as hosting intimate dining experiences, so – when the doors closed for lockdown – our thoughts turned to how we will celebrate again once it is safe to do so.

The present
We’ve done our best to adapt during lockdown. Along with Government support, we’ve done all we can to keep our business going, offering a takeaway service of delicious meals delivered to our local customers’ doors. This means, in turn, we’ve been able to continue to use our fantastic local producers, who supply us with free-range meat, eggs and fresh produce. Thanks to contributions from our villagers, we’ve also been delivering meals to local NHS workers and surgeries to thank them for looking after our community.  

Red Fox Soufflés is the other arm of our business, and we’ve adapted this too. Usually, we would be delivering our soufflés to cafes and restaurants across the UK. Sadly, these venues are currently closed due to the pandemic, so we’ve been working hard to keep our Soufflé Kitchen open by delivering our Red Fox Cheese Soufflés to homes up and down the country. 

We appreciate that Government support can’t continue long term, but it has been essential while we’ve been figuring out how to adapt and survive in a new marketplace. Our current levels of trade only allow us to pay a small team of workers and our suppliers. Now, we need to be able to build up enough trade to pay our team returning from furlough, our full rent and other ongoing overheads. 

The future
Though we've lost our bookings and events for the year, we are still determined to look to the future with hope. With your support, we can open our doors after lockdown and continue to be a thriving hub in this beautiful rural community.

We are offering celebration packages that can be bought now and redeemed at a later date, when safe to do so. Whether you are planning a big bash to celebrate a missed birthday, or just a quiet weekend away with good food and good company, we have the celebration package for you. As always, we’ll work as hard as possible to make sure every detail of your planned event is brilliant. Let us help you celebrate, and you can help make sure we are here to do so.

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