Green Leaders for Bristol and the West of England

by Bristol & SW Green Party in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 23rd April 2021 we successfully raised £11,414 with 161 supporters in 56 days

We're fundraising to elect the first Green Mayor in Bristol, plus Green leaders for the West of England region and Avon & Somerset Police

by Bristol & SW Green Party in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

All additional funds raised will go directly to funding online advertising to reach voters and get our message across in the final weeks and days of the campaign.


We have a couple of days left - we have now hit our target, and met our matched funding limit meaning recent donations have been doubled! Thank you! 

If you can - please help us hit our stretch target of £12,500 so we can get online ads to voters in the final weeks of the campaign.

Sandy, Cleo and Jerome have been setting the agenda in the Bristol elections. Our plans to help Bristol recover from the pandemic (and climate emergency!) and then thrive are making waves - that's why the bookies now have Sandy as the primary challenger to the Labour Mayor.

A Green Bristol needs Green leaders

This is a moment like no other. The pandemic has laid bare the stark inequalities in Bristol and the region, and our leaders' response to the climate emergency falls woefully short of what is needed. 

As we begin to emerge from the worst of the pandemic, it's time for a fresh start. 

The May elections are a real opportunity to elect Green leaders who will take action to ensure a strong economic recovery so that nobody is left behind. An economic recovery for people and planet, remembering we have just nine years left to reach carbon neutral if we are to have a chance of avoiding climate catastrophe. 

Greens understand decisions made now must blend both short and long-term thinking. With the right leadership, we can recover from the pandemic, and then thrive.

We have exciting plans as we campaign to elect the first Green Mayor of Bristol, and Green leaders for Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) and Metro Mayor for the West of England.

Sandy for Mayor

1614180234_sandy_profile_red.jpgSandy outside The Station, refurbished and developed by his charity and now a vibrant youth and community hub, home to dozens of organisations and businesses.

The Green Party candidate for Mayor of Bristol, Sandy Hore-Ruthven is a Bristol success story

He's been a chief executive for 15 years, taking a small Bristol charity from a handful of staff to Britain’s largest regional charity for young people, with hundreds of employees. The charity has won awards for its success helping young people find work and fulfil their potential.

Along the way, he's won tens of millions in investment for Bristol, resurrected some of the city’s landmark but derelict buildings such as The Station, and converted them into community and creative hubs. They are now home to dozens of businesses and organisations, employing hundreds of local people.

As Bristol recovers from the pandemic and the impact of Brexit, it’s this kind of leadership experience, economic sense and understanding of the need to urgently tackle the climate emergency that’s needed.

Sandy has an economic recovery plan that will focus right now on doing everything that's needed to beat Covid in a way that makes sure nobody falls through the cracks – and puts Bristol on a path to becoming a greener and a fairer city. 

Cleo for Police and Crime Commissioner

1614180469_cleo_by_bridge.jpgGreen Cllr Cleo Lake – a tireless campaigner for justice and equality.

The Green Party candidate for Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is Cleo Lake

Cleo is a bold and inspiring leader, passionate about working together with communities for social justice and as PCC would work to make policing fairer and more focused on making local communities stronger.

A seasoned Green Councillor, Cleo is well known for her time serving as the ceremonial Lord Mayor of Bristol. In this role, Cleo famously removed the painting of the enslaver Edward Colston from display at City Hall and has been one of Bristol's leading voices speaking up for equality, justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jerome for WECA

1614180548_jerome_solo.jpgCouncillor Jerome Thomas is determined to lead our region to become greener.

Green Party councillor for Clifton Jerome Thomas is standing to be the metro mayor for the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), covering Bath & NE Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol.

He is an entrepreneur, having built up his own Bristol business into a company employing 80 people and having a national profile.

Jerome is the Deputy Leader of the Green group on Bristol City Council. He has seen up close the importance of the Combined Authority's potential to bring system-change to our whole region, by making sure our transport planning is much more joined up and is focused on making public transport and active travel the convenient choice for most people.

He is passionate about working in close partnership with communities for a much brighter and Greener future. As Metro Mayor, he would bring these priorities to the heart of the Combined Authority.

We know we can win

Bristol is already home to one of the largest groups of opposition Green councillors in the country, but the elections for Mayor of Bristol, PCC and Metro Mayor are different – they all use a fairer voting system that gives you two votes. And we know that when voters don't feel forced to choose between the tired old parties, they vote Green in huge numbers.

Many people have told us already that they'll be voting Green first, and somebody else second as a tactical vote.

In Bristol, it's Greens or Labour.

In recent years, only the Green Party have been able to break Labour's stranglehold on Bristol in city-wide elections. We have won Bristol before – so we know we can do it again, but only if we can get our message out there to voters.

Your donations can help us win

We need to raise £10,000 so that we can run effective campaigns and reach voters.

We need funds to pay for campaign staff, to produce materials and activist resources. The money will go towards videos and social media advertising and the many expenses involved in mounting multiple campaigns on this scale. This includes training, equipment, deposits, outdoor advertising, websites and so on.

The Green Party is reliant on normal people like you to support our campaigns. Unlike the old parties, we don't rely on wealthy investors or vested interests with deep pockets – we are a grassroots movement, so when we succeed, it's because people like you have joined our cause. 

With your support, we can push to get Greens elected and change direction for our city and our region forever.

Thank you!

P.S. Because we're a political party

  • We're required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500.
  • If you make multiple donations to us, they will be aggregated for our reporting purposes.
  • Please note all donations will go to the Bristol Green Party bank account which will be used to support our campaigns in and around Bristol (also Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire), including Sandy for Bristol Mayor, Jerome for Metro Mayor and Cleo for PCC.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 donation

Thank you! £20 helps us deliver a leaflet to around 1,000 people

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£50 enables us to reach 2,500 people with Green Party leaflets

£100 or more

£100 donation

£100 will help us reach 10,000 people with advertising on social media

£1,000 or more

£1,000 donation

£1,000 pays for us to advertise on buses in Bristol and surrounding areas for around a week

£5,000 or more

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£5,000 donation

£5,000 would pay for the deposit for Cleo to stand for PCC or for Jerome to stand for WECA Metro Mayor

£500 or more

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£500 donation

£500 will pay for the deposit so that Sandy can stand for Mayor of Bristol

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