Bringing Peruvian children to international camp

by Peruvians to international Camp in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom


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To help fund children from Lima, Peru, come to Woodcraft Folk's international camp (Common Ground span the world with friendship)

by Peruvians to international Camp in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

In August 2020, 3000 people from around the globe will come together to span the world with friendship. Children and young people will gather at Common Ground, Woodcraft Folk’s International Camp in Kent, for 10 days of camping, games, singing and workshops. 

Common Ground camp - spanning the world with friendship

Key facts
● 1 - 11th August 2020 in Kent, UK
● Brings together anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 young people
● Theme: international friendship and solidarity
● Participants from Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe
● Diverse participants, diverse programme
● The needs of under 10’s well considered
● Hosted by Woodcraft Folk in the UK

We want it to be truly representative

Here is a link to a previous international camp hosted by Woodcraft Folk

In our Woodcraft Folk groups, based in the Eastern Region of England, UK, we want to make sure that young Peruvians are represented at Common Ground. 

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We’d like to bring 7 young people from Peru with a supporting Adult to enjoy this camp with us. We believe this experience will be life-changing, both for the Peruvian children and for our own Woodcraft Folk children. Woodcraft Folk international camps aim to develop children's confidence and build on their awareness of co-operation to tackle environmental issues. Participation in international camps leads to better understanding  of diversity and equality. Language is no barrier to children communicating. Woodcraft has been running and participated in international camps throughout its 95 year history. Children build friendships and have fun!

We hope that increased understanding of each other’s culture and the opportunity to form friendships will lead to life-long bonds. 

You can help this occur.

We need to raise £10,000 to make this happen. We have raised £1200 already and are holding other fundraising activities. The money will provide the Peruvian children with travel, accommodation, documents and visas that will allow them to come. The children come from an organisation called Mundo Nuevo,, which works with young people in some of the poorer areas of Lima, Peru.

100% of funds raised will go directly to the project

Help us make this happen!

As we are all volunteers, doing this project in our spare time because we believe in it so much, this means that 100% of funds raised will go directly to this project, to make this happen.

Let's make 'Bringing Peruvian children to international camp' happen

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