Help Brighton's only glassblowing school stay open

by Gordon Kay in Brighton, England, United Kingdom


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Help save Brigton's only glassblowing studio from closure after it was denied any help from the government grant schemes. Keep art alive.

by Gordon Kay in Brighton, England, United Kingdom


Hi, my name is Gordon Kay, I run Brighton's only glassblowing studio, where I offer lessons as well as rentable space & equipment for practising this unique art form. 


Because I was denied a government grant, unfortunately I now must ask for help to save my teaching studio from closure due to the issues brought on by the Corona virus pandemic.


I had to stop teaching in March due to CV-19, as lessons are in close proximity & we share tools etc, so it was just not conceivable to continue.  

Teaching was what enabled me to keep the studio going. I used to have regular students who came for 1 to 1 lessons & I also used to be able to accommodate groups, but can no longer offer that option. 

I was denied any financial help from the government CV-19 Discretionary grant for £10k as according to Brighton council, I didn't qualify as unique business, which I was surprised about being the only glassblowing studio in Brighton & surrounding area...


Apparently the Argus, our local newspaper thought similarly, who ran a half page story about me & the issue that of the 900 businesses in brighton that applied for grants... only 300 were approved. Leaving many people like myself struggling after working hard to try & build a business from nothing    


Im looking to raise £5000 to enable me to adapt the studio for covid protection & invest in money-saving oxygen making equipment, both of which will drastically increase the studios future viability.


£1000 would be spent on adapting the studio for covid protection 

This would allow the buying of expensive torches & replica sets of tools for students to use so sharing is not necessary & social distancing can be carried out.

It would also enable the purchasing of ppe, hand sanitizer, screens or any other measure to enable students to feel safe & comfortable to come back in to the studio.


The other main cost of running the studio apart from rent, is the continuous supply of compressed oxygen we use. 

This comes in rented tanks & is expensive. It also involves costly, deliveries & pick ups which aren't always reliable, which can leave me without oxygen & unable to work. There are also the other associated environmental costs as well.

So the remaining £4000 would be spent on a oxygen making system that would allow me to produce oxygen on site & become oxygen independent.

This would be much cheaper, more efficient, more reliable & better for the environment.

These 2 investments I believe would go a long way towards securing the future of the studio by lowering one of my main over heads & making things more manageable for teaching.

It would ultimately mean that I would be able to continue till we get through this tough time. 

Hopefully giving more confidence to people to come back & discover the amazing world of glass art. 


I'm not asking for something for nothing and  I truly apprecaite any help I get so it must be reciprocated.

The rewards on offer for donations will all be made by myself at the studio.

Each will be a unique creation to thank you for the support you have shown me. 


I've been blowing glass or lampworking as its also known about 4 years & it instantly hooked me the first time I was lucky enough to have a go. 

Since then I knew what I wanted to do but was amazed there was no where for people to learn.

I set up Brighton Glass arts studio in Oct 2018 with the idea of being able to offer people glassblowing lessons as well rentable studio space & equipment.

This would enable students to can carry on their progression even if they don't have there own space or kit.


We work with borosilicate glass on torches which allows the for the creation of very detailed & colourful artworks. This makes it ideal for creating everything from jewellery to kitchenware & anything else you can think of.

Personally, I find glassblowing a very mindful activity, I believe from my own experience that it is very good for mental health & i also think it could be a real benefit to the community if made more available.

I love the challenge of creating a concept & translating it into a beautiful object, also the opportunity for endless learning in this amazing medium & passing that knowledge on.

Glass really is my passion & I have loved every minute of this journey so far. 

Building the studio, teaching students & seeing their progression really is rewarding in a way I never anticipated & is just another reason why im asking for your help to be able to continue being able to offer that to people.

Thank you 

Gordon Kay



Dee Mummery 24/04/19

I bought my daughter the gift of a day with Gordon at his glass making workshop for her birthday. What a day she had! She has always been fascinated by things like this so this really made her day. Gordon was laid back, easy to chat with whilst monitoring Rachel the whole time and not just demonstrating but explaining the science of every aspect of the whole process too. Rachel completed 3 pieces of art during that day, a couple of days later after kilning process, we were able to collect her work. If anyone wants to give someone a unique & very memorable gift, then look no further than Gordon at Brighton Glass. You will not be dissapointed!

Lynne Bird 22/06/19  

Just had a 2 hour taster session with Gordon (present from my son, Dominic, who did it with me).... Gordon is such a nice guy...very patient (just as well as I kept going wonky ????)
Everything was explained, great fun & I came home with the pendant I made. I definitely recommend Gordon & might try Christmas tree decorations next!

Shuet Yee Law 26/06/19 · 

Our family all enjoyed the lesson. We will go again!

Jayne Kelly 08/11/19

Great experience today, thoroughly enjoyed it, very relaxed, would definitely recommend x


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