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by Plant Your Postcode in Stanmer, England, United Kingdom

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Support Plant Your Postcode now and help local people to grow our urban forest.

by Plant Your Postcode in Stanmer, England, United Kingdom

Plant your Postcode is a volunteer-led project which helps local people plant trees. 

Many of our urban trees were planted by the Victorians! Some are succumbing to disease and old age. It is vital that we replenish our leafy canopy.

With your help we can continue to plant trees across the City. 



 The value of trees

Trees have an enormous value to the environment and our well-being. They provide shade, help regulate the microclimate, support wildlife, reduce air pollution and improve our own mental health and happiness. 


A tree can support hundreds of species of insect and other wildlife; for example, a mature oak tree will support 280 different species of insect. 


Brighton and Hove’s trees are particularly special because the City hosts the National Elm Collection. Natural barriers and local people’s concerted efforts have protected them from elm disease and now the city is home to some of the rarest varieties of elms in the world.



Why do we need to plant more trees?

Unfortunately, the number of trees in streets, urban woods and parks is in decline, because of disease, old age, and damage. Through Plant Your Postcode we aim to reverse this trend leaving a leafy legacy for future generations.


How does Plant Your Postcode work?

We work with existing or newly formed residents or civic groups, supporting them to raise funds to plant trees within their postcode and in liaising with other relevant organisations (such as those providing free trees or funding). Local residents are encouraged to become tree champions, caring for the trees within their street, park, or immediate area. For more information see the PYP website:




What it costs

The more we raise, the more trees we can plant. We would like to raise at least £2,000.

The cost of urban trees varies massively depending on where they are planted. Some urban trees are expensive, however that does not mean we should not plant them. This is why our community project is so important.

The next planting season starts in November. We, and our partners have set a target of planting 1,000 trees, and we need your help to do this!

The cost of trees varies, depending on the species and the location of the tree. Often a stump will need to be removed before planting can take place. Sometimes work needs to be done in streets where trees need replacing.

For example, if volunteers plant fruit trees at a park or grassy area (such as a housing estate), this can cost as little as £30 per tree, including creating a planting plan. If the council takes out an existing stump from a felled tree planted in a pavement and replants it will a new tree with adequate protections, this can cost well over £400.


How can you help?

  • Donate via our Crowdfunding campaign – please click on the donate button 

Carbon offsetting

Each time you travel in a vehicle using fuel, CO2 emissions, which contribute to climate change, are emitted. Trees absorb CO2 as they photosynthesize and store the carbon as they grow. You can 'offset' your carbon emissions by planting enough trees to absorb the carbon you have emitted.

This is not an exact science and the best option is to produce less CO2! However, you may also like to donate to our Plant Your Postcode project as a way of considering off-setting locally against any travel you have undertaken.

Here is a 'rough guide' using figures from 

We approximate the carbon offset 'value' for a typical return flight for 1 person to be:

Europe or North Africa £10

North America £50

Africa (sub-Saharan) £50

India and South-east Asia £50

South America £75

Australia £100

Internal US  £5

Coast to Coast US £10

China and Japan £60

Cruise: £5 per day per person


Thank you from CPRE Sussex and Plant Your Postcode

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