Both Sides of the River Severn in Words & Images

To publish a unique artist's book that flows with gushing words, gorgeous drawings & stories about the Severn, seen from both riverbanks.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Writing, drawings, wanderings, meanderings........

Have you ever stood on a riverbank and wondered, idly, what it is like on the other side? Maybe you've heard sounds travelling over the water, or seen surfers riding the Severn Bore?  How important is it to see both sides of any given situation? What happens if you linger? Might you gain a glimmer of understanding by just gazing across the water?

The drawings and the texts invite you to reflect on such matters.

I’ve lived close to the River Severn for thirty-six years, twenty-five near the east side and eleven on the west bank. I’m an artist/writer/producer and river-lover.  All I do is related to the visual arts. Most recently, I have been drawing large panoramic views of the Severn in chalk & charcoal, capturing the span of both banks lying opposite to each other. 

This book (signed for pre-orders) will provide a glimpse into how it feels to immerse yourself in exploring various locations along this wonderful river. My own autobiographical 'stretch' lies between The Old Severn Bridge and Newnham on Severn, but you may have your own - either here, or on another river entirely. Why not give the other side a little consideration? The panoramic images guide the text as it flows and meanders through the book, tracing a selection of journeys from one bank to another.

You can support me in two ways:


By pledging to buy prints, some with a 30% discount on my usual prices - call it a gift for Christmas! (Offer only applies to the Old Severn Bridge prints on this campaign site). Both of these special-edition prints of both sides of The Old Severn Bridge will feature in the book, marking the beginning, and end, of a circular route along both banks of the river. In 2018 the bridge tolls for the Severn Crossings are being dropped and things will change. This pair of drawings captures the moment before it becomes free to use, and more people will begin crossing to the other side. 

If you want to view the original drawings, you can now, from 23rd October at The George Cafe in Newnham on Severn.


By pledging you are pre-ordering the book.  The RRP will be £25 when it is published - snap it up here by ordering in advance for £20. Available in Spring 2018. I will keep you informed of progress.

I hope that my project prompts you to think about how fascinating it can be to cross over and look at something we know well. To see it from another perspective. Not better, or worse, just different.

NOTE: the prices offered in this appeal are only available  during the appeal. If it does not reach it's full target you will be notified by email and your order will not be fulfilled (and your money will not be drawn down). Should that occur, please contact me and I will do my best to meet your needs and supply prints and cards in time for Christmas.

Under the Severn Bridge, Aust

Under the Severn Bridge, Beachley


Christmas Cards

Newnham Church to Arlingham Christmas Card

Newnham Ferry Christmas Card 


Will feature one or the other of the bridge drawings - Aust or Beachley


The book will contain images, prose, poetry, anecdotes and meanderings, here's an example:


City Edition Studios are working with me to design the book - expect it to be an interesting publication.  They have done some great work with other artists and are based at Spike Island in Bristol.


Thanks to Carol Laidler for her lovely Purton narration and Holly Black for torturing, I mean filming, me. And Chris Rennie for taking professional pics for the prints.


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