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Help publish my book "Don't discard your corporate career #Upcycle it"

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Every year thousands of mothers make the costly decision to discard corporate careers in their struggle to find #WorkLifeBalance. Are you one of them?

What if – instead – you could #Upcycle your current job, agree a win-win #FlexibleWorking arrangement and #LeanIn on your terms?.

I’ve written the book that shows you how. Now I need your help to get it published.

Introducing your roadmap to a more balanced life

For the price of a paperback book you will learn how to combine work and caring in the unique way that works for you – so you can #Upcycle your life.

I’ve developed an easy to follow six step process (PROPEL) to help you:

  • Identify the #WorkLifeBalance that works for you;
  • Develop and prepare to negotiate a win-win #FlexibleWorking arrangement that works for your employer;
  • Re-think your approach to leadership and take the first steps on the journey to becoming a Balanced Leader.

Learn more by downloading the Table of Contents.

Crafting a solution that truly works for you

There are many books around showing women how to combine work and caring. For the most part they’re based on the author’s experience and what worked for her. But what if your circumstances are not the same?

My book is different. I provide a set of principles that work for anyone – built on 25 years of academic research and practical experience. No more trying to adapt other people’s hints and tips and wondering why you still feel out of kilter.

The woman for the job

I’m Anna Meller, an acknowledged expert on finding work-life balance while pursuing a corporate career. I’ve spent the past 25 years researching, writing, consulting and coaching. In 2017 I put all this experience together into a straighforward six step process for finding better balance while retaining the corporate career for which you’ve worked so hard.

My book has already had positive feedback:

"I love your blogs and can't wait for the book" - Rebekah Bostan

"This looks like an excellent read" - @myworkhive (via Twitter)

The book I wish I’d had to guide me

I was at university when the UK implemented its first workplace equal opportunities legislation. I’d seen my mother’s generation start a workplace revolution as they claimed the  right to combine work and family life. I graduated thinking we’d achieved workplace equality. The Corporate Revolution had been won.

So why is it that forty years later there are still so few women in senior management?

Until the 1990s I was building a corporate HR career. When I became a mother the #WorkLIfeBalance challenges were too great. I discarded my career and became a campaigner for #FlexibleWorking. In the early days I worked with a range of employers to introduce policies - mostly driven by legislation.

Then the momentum stopped.

I’m still trying to figure out what happened. Survey after survey shows women hold themselves back because of #WorkLifeBalance challenges; while research has called #FlexibleWorking a proven strategy for retaining women.

So why is it so difficult to find a quality job with a #FlexibleWorking arrangement? 

And why are the few brave souls who pioneer #flexible roles left to figure it out for themselves and to struggle alone? It’s acutely frustrating when we have a wealth of both academic and practical research to show us how to #Upcycle jobs for flexibility and balance.

It’s that knowledge that I’ve pulled together into a practical process (PROPEL) which can be applied to the majority of people in the majority of jobs. I want to share it with all those women who struggle and end up discarding the corporate careers they’ve worked so hard for as they no longer fit.

How will I spend your money?

The content is written. I’m raising money to get the book published and to fulfill the pledge to send copies to all you lovely people who are supporting me. If there’s any money over I plan to spend it on PR so the book’s message reaches as many people as possible.


I’ve weighted the rewards towards the book as I’m looking for as wide a readership as possible. I’m also offering a limited number of people the chance to read the content before anyone else as they help me edit the first draft.

If you’re looking for more immediate support with your #WorkLifeBalance challenges I’m offering a range of other rewards – some of which are bespoke to this campaign and unlikely to be offered again in the near future.

And I’m looking for one ‘Super Supporter’ to partner with me in getting the book published. If you know of anyone who might fit the bill please point them in the direction of this crowdfunding page.


When will the book be published?

Assuming I’m successful in raising the funding it will take about four months. So the book should be available towards the end of December 2018.

Why have you opted for “all or nothing” funding?

At this point in time I simply don’t have the financial reserves in my business to make the book a reality. I need to raise the entire sum I’m looking for so that I can deliver on my pledges – specifically where book copies are concerned.

If I'm to reach my target I need your help. Please use the social share buttons on this page to let your friends and colleagues know about my crowdfunding project. 

And thanks for your support.

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