Fund Vital Equipment For Young Entrepreneur

by Michelle Best in Gainsborough, England, United Kingdom

Fund Vital Equipment For Young Entrepreneur


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For the purchase of a braille embroidery machine and related equipment to create a clothing range for the visually impaired and their carers

by Michelle Best in Gainsborough, England, United Kingdom

Blossom & Best

I'm Michelle, designer and manufacturer of a range of disability clothing for children and young people. I've recently set up my own business,  Blossom & Best, to sell my products. I'm very proud of how much I have achieved so far, but am impatient to be able to do even more!

Where It All Began

I'm a 27 year old mother of 2 from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. My daughter has been undergoing diagnosis for high-functioning autism for several years. 

The sensory difficulties she continues to face as she's growing up led me to begin making clothes for her myself, as I couldn't find what she needed in shops or online. 

For example, she suffers from incontinence, but hated wearing pull-up pants for school. I created 'Magic Pants', which are absorbent, but pretty, and not bulky. Some children with autism struggle with seams, or clothes that go on over the head, so I started experimenting with these too. 


People began to get in touch with me to ask if I could make clothes and items to meet their specific needs, and Blossom & Best was born.

Future Plans & Funding Needs

My current aim is to produce a range of braille embroidered items, ranging from personalised tags that can be attached to clothing, to tops and tabards for families and carers of the blind to wear.

For this I need a braille embroidery machine and a range of associated materials and equipment. I've found the perfect machine, and the supplier will hold it for me until June.


Later this year I very much hope to be able to outsource my manufacturing as demand is growing, but for now, it's me in my front room! 

Why It's So Important To Me

I believe every single item I sell will make a difference to the life of a child, young person or carer. I understand the struggle, and this is what makes me determined to drive my business forward in any way I can.

Thank you.

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