Support Blaggards Barbers - buy a Gift Voucher

by Blaggards Barbers in London, England, United Kingdom

Support Blaggards Barbers - buy a Gift Voucher


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The world post-COVID seems a bit uncomfortable, even scary! But it’s the time we changed and we band together as a community!

by Blaggards Barbers in London, England, United Kingdom

Blaggards Barbers was a long dreamed project that came to life back in February 2020. We had never imagined this would only be a month into entering an uncertainty that was going to change everyone’s life forever.
To our surprise, this one month somehow seemed sufficient to notice the great community we had just entered, to appreciate the supportive customers that kept encouraging us as a new business to not give up and keep on going.
We now realised that even though this beginning has been so uncomfortable, so raw, so scary, it forces us to grow. To know that we’ve survived the most challenging times of our existence would be the greatest reward.

The opportunity we were given to join the Crowdfunder means so much to us, it gives us back the lost time making our business known among the community, helps us integrate and understand it better.
Through this platform, we would like to offer you the chance to purchase The Blaggards Gift Vouchers that make the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one, a Father’s Day Gift or even a reward for making it through the lockdown! We hope this will start bringing back some normality in our lives.
Hope to see everyone happy and healthy soon! Stay safe!

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