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Following the success of our volunteering community crowdfunder, we are now accepting ongoing donations of support.

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New stretch target

Wow! Thank you so much for helping us hit our £50k target. With less than 24 hours to go, we have set ourselves an extra £2.5k stretch target to help us go further in our plans to create something really special! Please help us get there! 

During our original crowdfunding campaign, we successfully raised £50,890 thanks to 216 wonderful supporters. We are now continuing to accept donations to keep connecting charities with passionate people that want to help. Find out more about our original plans below.

BeyondMe strengthens charities by connecting them with the brainpower, donations and spare time of talented professionals.

We've created over 200 BeyondMe teams since 2012, who’ve given charities and social enterprises the extra fuel they need to bring about lasting change. But to reach 10x more charities, we need your help! 

Why do we exist? 

 So many professionals are keen to make a difference but don't know where to start. So many charities are working on a shoestring and can’t access the skilled volunteers they need to maximise impact and scale their work. So what happens? Smart people end up painting fences... badly. We exist to change this. 

How do we make change happen? 

With the help of the BeyondMe platform, we connect teams of professionals with charities that need their support. From transforming business plans to helping charities scale, our teams give their spare time to tackle society’s toughest challenges. 

We inspire people to make a difference alongside their day jobs. With BeyondMe, you don’t need to quit your job to make a difference - you need to use it!

Stories of BeyondMe in action

Robin Chu, CEO of Coachbright 

Baillie Aaron, CEO of Spark Inside

What have we achieved so far?

Since 2012, we have launched over 200 BeyondMe teams. That’s more than 2,000 professionals from some of the biggest brands in the UK including PwC, Deloitte, EY, Ben & Jerry’s, Santander and Rothschild & Co. These teams have generated over £1m of extra value for the social sector.

Crucially, we have built lasting relationships between the social and private sector that will deliver impact for decades to come. 

But the potential is so much greater...

What's our vision?

We want to create a global community of people working together, across borders and organisations, to step up the fight against society's most intractable problems. By investing in key areas, we know that we can reach more charities and give them so much more support. 

Why are we crowdfunding?

Since raising angel grant funding in 2012 from the Pears Foundation, Nesta and City Bridge Trust, we have successfully demonstrated that our model creates significant change. 

However, in order to realise our ambitious 2021 vision - full financial sustainability, 5 UK cities, 20 corporate partners and 2,000 more members - we need to raise £250,000 of philanthropic donations. 

To kick-start this fundraising effort, we are turning to the crowd to raise our first £50,000.  We're inviting our remarkable community of members, alumni and anyone who believes in our vision to take a stake in BeyondMe’s future. You can launch us forward into this next stage of growth.

What will we use the money for?

We have identified 3 key areas to invest in that will enable us to create more impact : 

  • Programme. Impactful partnerships between the social and private sector don't come easy. We want to provide more support for our charities, better development and opportunities for our professionals and new BeyondMe services and innovations that can deliver even greater impact. 
  • Platform. To scale across the UK and support charities with greater effectiveness and speed, we need to invest in our digital capability. Our priority is to create a simpler and more enjoyable way for teams, charities and businesses to connect online. 
  • People. To help us reach our goals, we will be hiring a "Head of Corporate Partnerships." This key hire will build a financially sustainable funding stream to enable long-term growth. Our philosophy will always be to focus on headcount that adds to our long-term social impact.

What’s in it for our backers?

We believe that a donation to BeyondMe is one of the best philanthropic investments a person can make. You’ll be building something that will have an impact for years to come. 

Every single one of our backers, no matter the donation, will be given the opportunity to be a part of how we grow. You’ll be kept up to date with our progress, and have the opportunity to act as a sounding board for the BeyondMe team as we learn and grow. 

If all of that isn’t enough, we have some awesome rewards for our backers too!

A message from HQ! 

(aka Jack, Sarah and Michael)

**Get a reward of £50 or more to be entered into our EPIC Raffle!**

Check out our full list of prizes below:

* dates out of school holidays and subject to discussion/availability
** game to be confirmed
*** winner must be 18 years or older
**** within 10 miles of HA5 4PF

We are so grateful to the companies and individuals who have donated prizes. If you'd like to join them, please email hello@beyondme.org. 

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