Beyond Wigan Pier

by Alan Gregory in Wigan, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th March 2018 we successfully raised £30,510 with 148 supporters in 56 days

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by Alan Gregory in Wigan, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thanks to every last, generous one of you, for helping this happen!! We LOVE YOU and we don't care who knows it!!... The cast is in place, the venue is ready, the orchestra and choir are raring to go ...

Our stretch target means that we can keep going for the remaining days of our crowdfunder - every extra £1 will help us towards our aim of having a full original cast recording of the premiere.

Thank you!!!  

Help Us Take On The West End and change people's perception of Wigan Forever by buying your ticket to Beyond Wigan Pier.....

Attend the World's First Community Musical - featuring George Orwell's son Richard Blair and stars from our community right here in Wigan. Donating to our CrowdFund means you will be purchasing a ticket for Beyond Wigan Pier - and with tickets priced from as little as £15, there's no reason not to!

Just press one of the links  below and choose your package:

  • £15: standard ticket
  • £45: standard ticket + signed copy of the live video from the night, and an official Beyond Wigan Pier T Shirt featuring our amazing branding of Mr Orwell himself!
  •  £75: VIP ticket: standard ticket + pre=performance buffet from Wiganers Fur Clemt, a meet and greet with George Orwell's son Richard Blair. One VIP ticket also means we will donate a ticket on your behalf to a person in the local community who otherwise could not afford to attend.
  • £100: can't make it, but want to show your support to Wigan? The Philanthropy Pass means you 4 x standard tickets will be donated on your behalf to a person the local community who otherwise could not afford to attend.

By supporting our appeal, you will get to see the exclusive concert version of the musical which will debut on 27th April 2018 at The Edge - a brand new 1000 seat venue, a stone’s throw away from Wigan Pier. With your donations we will be able to stage the full production of the musical in 2020.

Help us to attract attention and investment to our wonderful town in a completely new and unique way: ultimately the Beyond Wigan Pier team aim to help create opportunities for the young people of the town and build the community spirit and pride in Wigan that makes our borough great.

With the support of Ian McKellen and Eric Blair's (Orwell's real name) adopted son Richard; who has even agreed to perform as narrator, we hope you can join us to show we’ve come a long way since Wigan Pier.

Who’s in it?

Our concert debut on 27th April 2018 will be performed by Wigan Jazz Youth Orchestra and a number of well-known Wigan performers, including Olivia Garcia, Scott Chapman, Chonkinfeckle and Janette Monroe.

The success of this concert performance will help us to fund a fully staged 2 Act version of the production in 2020, which in turn will spawn a biennial festival of original music, and entertainment, which may one day rival even Edinburgh! Who knows?


We need to show the Arts Council that we can raise 10% of the £250,000 funding required for this much much bigger project... and that's where the £25,000 we need to raise from your donations, comes in.

By supporting us, you will be contributing to that 10% and proving to those who make the decision, that Wiganers are 100% behind this, and thus worthy of the investment.

Here's what Sir Ian McKellen, said about the dance part of our project:-

Congratulations on your initiative .I wish it had been possible when I was growing up in Wigan long ago to have had the possibility of discovering the joys and discipline of dancing. Ballet dancing is at least as athletic an activity as playing football or rugby. Wigan deserves no less!

Do please quote me if it would help.

All best wishes,

Ian McKellen

Here's what the Church of England thinks:-

"My view is that this is a brilliant project..........., on a personal level I love the project & would very much like to be kept in the loop. 



Rev Canon Dr Ellen Loudon
Director of Social Justice & Canon Chancellor
Diocese of Liverpool"


And The Orwell Society, on the April premiere?

Quentin Kopp · 2 January 2018

Have no doubts, this will be a splendid evening. The Orwell Society with their Patron Richard Blair, Orwell's Son, will be there for the 1st full production.

How will it aid the community?

Because EVERYTHING in it will be made by Wiganers; by YOU ! The sets, the scenery the costumes , the buffet...THE LOT..using existing skill sets of expert practitioners, to teach them to anyone, young or old, of whatever ability, in whatever community, who wants to learn to do it too...

The full 2 act musical will not just concentrate on the depressed town of the 1930's but show what has happened to Wigan since and what it could be like in the future.

Act 2 will highlight, through the medium of music and dance, the other things Wigan is proud of, The Empress Ballroom, its rugby heritage, its talented youth, and the talents of those who, were there and part of the scene the first time round.

Furthermore, as part of the future funding bid to the Arts Council, we hope to take this production on tour, both locally and Nationwide, to promote not only the town, but the benefits to all, of investing in wide scale community projects and the positive effects which that can have on bringing neighbourhoods back together.

So come on Support us and join us on the journey of a life-time, and lets show the world that the town; our town and us, its folks are very much............

"Beyond Wigan Pier!!"



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Immortality for a fiver!!

By donating £5 your name will appear on the credits list, of the live video which is being made of the premiere on 27th April 2018, as a contributor to this project. That video with your name on it, will be held for all time in Wigan Museum, as part of the heritage exhibition of the town

£15 or more

246 of 600 claimed

Participate in the Premiere

You will receive a standard ticket to the premiere, plus your name will appear on the credits of the video. In addition, you will receive the lyrics to the chorus of the title song The Road To Wigan Pier which will be reprised at the end of the concert and be recorded as part of the video, capturing your performance, along with soloists, choir and orchestra, as an integral part of the world premiere... now that's also a world's first!!

£45 or more

3 of 50 claimed

Remember a truly unique event

One standard ticket for you and one ticket for someone else who might not otherwise be able to afford it. You will also have your name in the credits, lyrics to the chorus of the title song a copy of the video, signed by the composer and the soloists (the video will only be available after the performance, sometime in May 2018) and a Beyond Wigan Pier T-shirt to wear at the premiere.

£75 or more

63 of 250 claimed

The VIP package

Receive one VIP ticket (limited to 250) to the premiere, give two tickets to someone else who might not otherwise be able to afford it. An invitation to the pre-concert buffet, to be supplied by award winning social enterprise Fur Clemt where Richard Blair, George Orwell's son, will also give a pre-concert talk on his father's time in Wigan. and give photo opportunities, for selfies, with both Richard and the composer and performers, at what is truly, a totally unique, world premiere. Plus all of the previous rewards.

£100 or more

8 of 20 claimed

The Philanthropy Pass

Can't get to Wigan for the event,but want to show your support? Buy a block of 4 tickets for local groups who may not be able to easily buy them for themselves. Working with our existing networks of churches, community groups, and social services teams, we will allocate these tickets to under privileged families, the isolated and/or elderly, the disabled and local schoolchildren.

£5,000 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Sponsor a Song!

Have your company name/advert in the programme and one of your team can introduce the song you sponsor at the premiere by reading the preceding narration. Your pledge can also make it possible for Wiganers to attend the show. Pledge £5k (or more)

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