RHS 'Believe in Tomorrow' Children's Garden

by Seonaid Royall in London, England, United Kingdom

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Working with local communities to create an RHS show garden that helps reconnect children with nature, and will live on for years to come.

by Seonaid Royall in London, England, United Kingdom

Inspiring children to grow

From creation to relocation, the 'Believe in Tomorrow' garden’s mission is to encourage more children to get outdoors and engage with nature. It will be one of the main attractions at this year's RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, however unlike most show gardens, this one is being created by children for children. In the lead up to the show, we'll be running gardening workshops with 5 south London schools in which the students can get their hands dirty, by growing the plants and building elements of the garden that will feature in the show. What's more, after the event, elements of the garden will be relocated to the schools that helped create it. Together we can give those children permanent access to their own green spaces and a lasting legacy for their community.

New research suggests kids are losing touch with nature

According to recent research by Sudocrem*, only 8% of British children (aged between 4 to 8 years) have ever picked an apple. The same research also found that 80% of children have never seen a rake and 79% believe that worms are bad for soil. Getting our children reconnected with nature is imperative to their future. It has a huge and lasting effect on their mental health and wellbeing, not to mention the health of our planet. 

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

‘Believe in Tomorrow’ is a vision for the ideal primary school garden. It will have education at its heart, and is designed to engage and inspire both children and adults alike. It will be part oasis, part playground and part classroom. The garden will feature edible planting beds which children can pick from and taste, and secret pathways for them to explore. A log arch, fire pit, and pond will offer even more opportunities to learn and be inspired.

Most importantly, this garden is part of much bigger project. With your support, I will be running workshops with inner city primary schools and local community gardens in the lead up to the show. Together, we'll be growing plants from seeds that will feature in the show, learning about gardening and garden design and even building the wooden boats that will set sail on the garden pond. 

During the show, different primary schools will bring children to the show to work on and enjoy the garden that they helped create. Thanks to your support we'll also be producing a resource pack to hand out to visitors full of helpful tips and inspiration on how they can start reconnecting with nature .

After the show, your funding will ensure that the garden can be relocated into different communities and schools within London, so it can keep supporting people where they need it most. In turn, these communities will also get the tools and know-how they need to make their gardens flourish.


There's still the opportunity to become one of the garden's main sponsors. The Hampton Court Flower Show is broadcast live on the BBC, receives loads of positive press attention and attracts around 140,000 visitors every year. If you want to talk more about this, or would like more details on the commercial reach and benefits of being involved in the show please contact Seonaid Royall directly at contactsproutup@gmail.com

Where your money will go

With the initial funding from the RHS and the support of Provender Nurseries and Miles Stone we have nearly paid for all the plants and materials, however that's just the first step. We've broken down the remaining costs into four different areas, and this is what your money will help pay for.

£9,300 for labour 

Building a garden is hard work - and the children can't do it on their own. This money also includes a small allocation for contingency (unexpected costs).

£1,900 for children's workshops

In the run up to the show, we'll be running gardening workshops with at least five inner city schools teaching them the basics of gardening and growing some of the plants to feature in the show. This money will help pay for the materials in these workshops - approximately £5 per child. (A special shoutout to the Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses who will be helping run them.)

£2,300 to relocate the garden

After the show we will be relocating different elements of the garden to inner city schools and communities - so they can benefit from it for years to come. We are currently in meetings with each school to find out what they have, and what the children need. Your support will help make that happen. And the more money we get, the more we can build. With the stretch target, we'll also be able to follow up with more support workshops throughout the year.

£1,800 for resource packs

Your money will also help produce an educational resource pack to hand out to parents and schools, giving them helpful tips and inspiration for simple outdoor activities they can do with their children. 

About the team

I'm Seonaid - I live in Brixton and run a garden design company called Sprout Up. I love helping urban families, primary schools and nurseries get the most out of their outdoor spaces. I also run a regular gardening club for Brixton school children, so I've seen firsthand just how much they can benefit from spending more time in nature.

I'm being supported by a growing list of community gardens, schools and local businesses. This is the first time an RHS show garden has been crowdfunded by both individual and corporate donations and the project's main objectives are to bring inner city children closer to nature and to demonstrate that educating them about the great outdoors is a responsibility we all share.

Highgrove Landscapes are going to build the garden at Hampton Palace and support its relocation after the show has finished.

The list of supporters is still growing, but currently this is all possible with huge thanks to Provender Nurseries and Miles Stone.

*The 'Get out and Grow' campaign, commissioned by Sudocrem

Let's make 'RHS 'Believe in Tomorrow' Children's Garden' happen

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