BBC Last Night Proms 2018 - Flags

Purchase a large quantity of EU flags to hand out at appropiate events in 2018 including Last Night of the Proms.

We did it!

On 4th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £3,132 with 157 supporters in 56 days

Who we are:

We are the EU Flags Proms Team are proud to have given out 15,000 EU flags at two last night of the Proms events, the London marathon and the Eurovision You Decide Contest on BBC2 working together with #EUFlagMafia and many other groups.

Our Aim:

To continue what we started and give out 1000s of flags at the BBC Proms 2018. Along with other events where we can get our flags seen by millions of people on TV.

All money raised will go towards buying flags to hand out at events. 

Please support us keeping remain visible - what we do is so important. Be loud and proud and  keep that flag flying. 

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