Barrack Wood Bridleway

by Trailnet CIC in Brentwood, England, United Kingdom


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Providing a safe new route for Cyclists, Horse Riders, Walkers of all ages and abilities: We need your help!

by Trailnet CIC in Brentwood, England, United Kingdom

Barrack Wood is a historic and beautiful woodland linking Warley with Thorndon Country Park. This is a unique environment, but partly because of its inaccessibility, is mainly unknown to the local people of Warley and surrounding areas.

There is an old vehicle track through these woods, but this has a very uneven surface, becomes very muddy in winter and is blocked in several places by fallen trees. There are also two ditches that further impede progress, especially for those with disabilities.

The only sensible alternative route currently available for those not in cars to access Thorndon Park from the Warley area is along the adjacent Eagle Way - a very busy and potentially dangerous road.

We want to change this and need your help to raise £6,500!

With the development of Ford's Warley HQ and surrounding area currently taking place we feel this is now the right time to create a path with the high quality surfaces that we already enjoy in Thorndon Country Park. The proposed 1km route would run from Ford's old Warley HQ, through Barrack Wood to the Lion Gate entrance to the park. Indeed this pathway will link not only Warley to Thorndon Park but thereafter a vast network of pathways ideal for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Watch our short video explaining the project in more detail.

We have already submitted a funding application to Veola Environment Trust and are very hopeful of success, but we need a further £6,500 to ensure this can go ahead as planned. Your donation could be transformative too many peoples lives for now and in the future and we want to grasp this opportunity to create an amazing new environment for all to enjoy. 

Your donation can make this happen, so please support.


Let's make 'Barrack Wood Bridleway' happen

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