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by Charlotte Pidgeon in Frome, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 11th April 2017 we successfully raised £4,921 with 73 supporters in 42 days

We are raising funds to open a Baby Café in Frome. It will provide a warm & welcoming space for parents to get support and a hot cup of tea!

by Charlotte Pidgeon in Frome, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra £1500 will help us with running the baby cafe, including providing free tea and cake! It will also help us to advertise the cafe so we make sure we reach as many families as possible. If there are any funds left over they will go towards our costs for 2018 to make sure we can keep the project running. 

We are on a mission to provide a hot cup of tea and cake for every new parent in Frome!

Baby Café Frome will be a drop-in group for parents to come along for support, including one to one help with feeding from a trained Breastfeeding Counsellor. These are just a few of the things that will be on offer:

• A free cup of tea and slice of cake to help combat those sleepless nights!
• A Breastfeeding Counsellor for one to one help and support with feeding your baby.
• Mother to mother support from trained local mums who can listen to your concerns and help you to access any professional services you might need.
• A health visitor to help with any concerns you may have over yours or your babies health and wellbeing.
• A chance to meet other new mums and build your own support network in a relaxed and welcoming cafe space.
• Impartial and proffesional help on all types of feeding, including expressing, combination feeding, formula and starting solids.
• Support with other common concerns such as safe cosleeping, weaning, returning to work and introducing solids.

Emma is one of our volunteers and is training as a Peer supporter. This is her story:

"After a long and difficult labour ended in an unplanned cesarean birth we struggled to establish a latch. We were lucky to have the support of our Doula team who lent me a pump and helped me maintain my milk supply without a latch whilst we fought to 'fix' whatever was wrong. From there we sought help from all corners, NHS midwives, Health visitors, peer to peer support groups and a cranial osteopath. Unfortunately this didn't resolve the fact that my daughter couldn't latch. We found support in an amazing community of strong women and continued to exclusively pump for her and provide breastmilk till she was 2. Breastfeeding doesn't have to mean nursing.

With my second child we worked very hard to set ourselves up for a successful nursing relationship with all the tips and advice we had been given because of our earlier problems. We built on our previous tribe of breastfeeding specialists to ensure we had the right people to turn to. And even with a second unplanned cesarean it worked! We are currently nursing strong at 4 months with no end in sight.

I feel empowered by the people I have met and I wouldn't have been successful without the strength they have given me. I am now ready to give back and have recently become trained as a Breastfeeding Champion and I am currently doing my Peer Supporter training."

The Baby Café would replace the current breastfeeding support group which runs at the Key Centre on a Wednesday morning. This group is run by our local breastfeeding peer supporter who would like to take a step back from her current responsibilities, without her this group cannot keep going and it is vital that we replace this key service. The Baby Café support network will ensure that the new drop-in session is run to a high standard and will have a good online presence, helping more people to find out about it. The café will be licenced and will have a Mother’s Charter in place so women will know what they can expect from the service.

Frome and District NCT is passionate about providing the best support possible to all new parents. We are incredibly lucky to have so many fantastic volunteers and a brilliant NCT antenatal teacher,  Katherine Woodbury, who is currently training to be a Breastfeeding Counsellor as well. We would appreciate any donation you can make to help us acheive our aspirations of creating a warm and welcoming new support group for Frome and the surrounding area.

We need to raise £4500 to help us fund the following:

•The fees for a Breastfeeding Councellor to provided the cafe with 2 hours of support per week, 48 weeks of the year

•A training day for Baby Café volunteers

•Baby Café toolkit and newsletters

•Mother’s Welcome packs

•Website presence to allow new mum's to find our service

•Support from the Baby Café head office team


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A thank you on our Facebook page and an invitation to our launch party!

£15 or more

2 of 3 claimed

£15 Reward

A free taster session at The Creation Station in Westbury or Warminster. The Creation Station runs fantastic art classes for babies to preschoolers.

£30 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£30 Reward

A birth preparation session with our amazing and lovely NCT Antenatal teacher and Doula Katherine Woodbury.

£35 or more

£35 Reward

Calling all local businesses! We will add your flyers to our Nearly New Sale goodie bags for the next 3 sales and display them at events.

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