Be the change: Arts & Homelessness Leadership

by Arts & Homelessness International in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 15th November 2021 we successfully raised £25,575 ( + est. £2226.25 Gift Aid ) with 177 supporters in 116 days

By supporting AHI, you will provide leadership, paid work and training opportunities for people with lived experience of homelessness.

by Arts & Homelessness International in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Anything beyond our initial 20K target helps us stabilise our situation beyond the immediate future. 

The extra support will enable our core team to continue with our work including planning the first ever Associates Programme - a leadership programme specifically for people who are or have been homeless. 

The Associates will receive paid work opportunities, training, mentoring, opportunities to shadow other organisations and network and learn with and from each other.

1626350925_revolution.pngYou can help people with experience of homelessness become global cultural leaders, supporting them into paid work in the creative industries so that they can imagine and build more just and compassionate societies.



Homelessness is not just about housing, and research shows that arts and creativity builds mental and physical well-being, agency and resilience so that people can thrive not just survive

At the heart of what we do is co-creation – working with people not for them. At Arts & Homelessness Int. 50% of our Board of Trustees and staff team have lived experience of homelessness. 

We envision a world in which creativity is an integral part of homelessness and people who are or have been homeless are an intrinsic part of the arts. We bring positive change to people, projects and policy in homelessness around the world through creativity.


We organise professional development for homeless people in the arts world, ensuring that people who are or have been homeless have seats at decision-making tables. Whether that's joining council members to discuss and re-write homelessness strategies through the Arts & Homelessness Civic Plan, training galleries and museums to deepen access and involvement to homeless people, or learning how to become producers at high profile events such as Coventry City of Culture - we employ and work directly with people with lived experience to help them become leaders in their own right.

We are also pulling these strands into the world’s first annual leadership programme for homeless people where a cohort of creatives will engage in training, peer networking, placements in the creative industries, research and working with the world’s foremost artists and producers.

In addition to our advocacy and policy work, we act as a network for arts and homelessness organisations across the world, providing a platform for invaluable discussion and learning. 



In order to continue our important work, we urgently need to raise £20,000. Anything you can do to help us achieve our target, by making a gift to the campaign, sharing our story with your network and/or following us on social media, will be hugely appreciated by all of us at Arts & Homelessness International. We have a few modest rewards available as we'd really like for as many pennies as possible to go directly into the hands of people who are or have been homeless – if you can make a philanthropic gift it will ensure your support goes further.

Your support will enable us to continue helping people who are or have been homeless to be the change they want to see, to be part of making decisions that affect them and the homelessness community. 

Your support will affect change at local, national, international and government level. 

Your support will change attitudes towards people who are or have been homeless. 

Your support will change people's attitudes towards themselves, their capabilities and their future prospects.

Your support will change lives. 



£20 could pay for phone data for a month so that a homeless person can access training, presentations and professional development opportunities 

£150 could pay for three homeless people to help train local authority staff in co-creating policy

£900 could pay for two individuals to take professional development roles in Coventry City of Culture, running events, presenting their work and working behind the scenes at a major cultural event 

£2,50could pay for a year's worth of of fees for artists and producers who are homeless from around the world to present and perform at our monthly forum meetings 

£10,000 could help us develop, co-design and launch the world’s first leadership programme for homeless people, the AHI Associates Programme – paid positions to undertake training, peer mentoring, placements, knowledge exchange, research, professional development and personal creative budgets; kick-starting their leadership journey in the cultural sector

Thank you so much, from all of us at AHI.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Our heartfelt thanks shouted from the rooftops

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do something to help others? You'll get that. Also, we'll let other people know you've got it too by giving you a shout out on Twitter. We're SO grateful for your support

£75 or more

8 of 100 claimed

Art on a postcard

As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a beautiful AHI postcard, handwritten and including a poem written by one of our creatives.

£250 or more

3 of 30 claimed

A bundle of gifts

To thank you for your generosity, we'll send you a little bundle of surprise gifts - maybe there will be stickers, pin badges or postcards!

£500 or more

Hang out with us online!

We'll throw a little Zoom party to tell you more about the impact of your gift and our plans for the future. We can't wait to see your bright smiley face there! We may even have party poppers...

£500 or more

The philanthropic 500

You're beyond thrilled to support us but you don't want anything in return? Thank you so much! Know that we'll be bowled over by your generosity and we'll work hard to find creative ways to say thank you.

£1,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Join us in Coventry!

We would love to invite you to a Coventry City of Culture 'Home Festival' event, so that you can see in person the impact of your gift, meet the team and the awesome people we're able to work with thanks to your incredible support! We'll also invite you to our Zoom party and send you one of our "art is a human right" posters!

£1,000 or more

The philanthropic grand

A grand and mighty gesture, there's no doubt! We cannot thank you enough for supporting us with £1,000 and not expecting anything in return. You hero. We'll find some creative ways to thank you but we will not shower you with gifts

£2,500 or more

0 of 8 claimed

A piece of artwork like no other

As a token of our appreciation, you will receive an original framed poem from a homeless artist, as a lifelong reminder of the life-changing impact of your gift. You'll also be invited to our Zoom party and a Coventry City of Culture event.

£5,000 or more

Meet the people whose lives you'll change

You will have the opportunity to meet our cohort of new leaders, the AHI Associates at an in-person event where you can hear about their passion for creativity and what they hope to achieve through your support of the programme. We will also invite you to our Zoom party and send you one of our "art is a human right" posters.

£5,000 or more

The philanthropic 5k

No, you absolutely do not have to run! We'll run around in circles thanking you, but you won't get any special rewards, because that incredibly warm fuzzy glow is enough for you.

£10,000 or more

1 of 8 claimed

We'll name the Associates Programme after you!

In recognition of your transformational gift, we'll name one of our Associate positions after you - or anything else you choose (within reason... we are not sure how many people would like to join the Boaty McBoatface Leadership Programme!) You will have opportunities to connect with the Associate, follow their progress and be kept updated regularly on the impact of your gift. You'll also be invited to all the events as our guest of honour!

£10,000 or more

The philanthropic champion

OUR HERO. You want to ensure that we succeed, that there are more, better quality leadership opportunities for people who are or have been homeless and you don't want anything in return. How can we ever thank you enough? We'll do our very best, but at your request we won't roll out the red carpet.

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