Art Builders 2020

by Animate Arts in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 7th November 2019 we successfully raised £10,090 with 114 supporters in 35 days

We want every primary school child in Kent to experience an art activity in 2020 via our unique Art Builders book and teacher masterclasses

by Animate Arts in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom


Animate Arts is on a Mission!  

We have challenged ourselves to get every primary and special needs school child in Kent involved in an arts activity in 2020. 


Today, almost 50% of teachers feel that the quality of arts provision has       worsened in the last 10 years.

Fabian Society report in January 2019

Over the past ten years we have witnessed a decline of creative activities in schools first-hand  - and we want it to stop!

Following the massive success of Art Builders 2019, our big build art programme involving over 200 children and 8 lead schools, we now want to enable every primary school in Kent to programme an arts week – or day, giving all their young children an opportunity to get involved in the arts and be creative. 

We believe that Art Days should be programmed as regularly as Sports Days!

To do this, we realised that as well as inspiring children in the classroom, we need to work with their teachers, too, to make dream happen.

Why is it Important?

With the arts being squeezed out of the curriculum, schools are struggling to find the time and resources to bring art to the classroom. 

Art is a powerful tool that allows creative voices to be heard, raises confidence, develops problem-solving, communication and creative thinking skills. These are essential tools to prepare the next generation for the future.

Schools, quite rightly, programme a Sports Day every year as part of their school traditions. However Art Days – or Art Weeks, aren’t given the same guaranteed status, and yet research shows how the arts can benefit everybody’s education and well-being. 

This campaign aims to champion art experiences for every child, every year.

Our Campaign

We want to make a unique Art Builders 2020 handbook, written by professional artists, to support teachers to make art activities happen in their schools. It will be full of inspirational ideas and practical tools to use in the classroom.

The book will be gifted to 500 primary and special educational needs schools in Kent.

In addition we want to run a programme of workshops for teachers to develop their skills, ideas and confidence to lead art activities in their schools  

We think that this is the best way we can help to ensure quality arts provision survives and grows in our primary schools.

Please Help Us: 

  • To make an ‘Art Builders 2020’ handbook for every primary and SEN school in Kent (500 copies) 
  • To lead a series of empowering, skills-building masterclasses for teachers led by Animate Artists, so that they can confidently lead art activities in the classroom

The Wider Vision

Each Art Builders 2020 handbook includes an invitation to make an art work for Animate Art’s biggest-ever art installation – The Paper Orchard.

In June 2020, Animate Arts plan to build their biggest cardboard installation ever. Collectively Kent schools and professional artists will build over 400 trees made entirely from cardboard and paper which will be displayed in several pop-up, life-size 'orchards'. Celebrating the natural countryside of Kent, the installation will be exhibited in various locations like shopping centres, galleries and tourist attractions in north, east, south, west and mid Kent.

Who is Animate Arts?

  • Founded by Jo Dyer, we are a national award-winning team of experienced professional artists and makers.
  • We make high-quality participatory art projects.
  • We specialise in making big build installations in paper and cardboard - in previous projects we have made a life-size apothecary shop; a moon buggy; a walk-through model of London city and even a garden!
  • We work creatively with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 
  • We bring people together by connecting young people and communities with professional artists, performers and creatives. 
  • Each of our artist-led projects (ranging from half-day workshops to large scale public art events) is individually designed to encourage participants and audiences to find their creative voice and bring their ideas and imaginations to life.

What We Believe

Engaging in Art Activity raises self-confidence, engages, empowers and motivates people

Art-making is an essential experience for young brains!

Children learn to problem-solve, communicate better & think creatively via art

Teachers should be empowered to teach art

Creative Thinking and Idea-making is a vital skill

Creativity is essential to our health and wellbeing

Art prepares children for the future

Art Builders 2019 in pictures


How Will We Use the Funds Raised?

Your money will be vital in helping us to achieve the following:

  • Production and graphic design costs of the ‘Art Builders 2020’ handbook 
  • A series of skills-building masterclasses for teachers led by Animate Arts' experienced professional artists
  • Print costs of 500 'Art Builders 2020' handbooks
  • Postage & distribution of the book to all 500 primary/SEN schools in Kent

Art Builders 2019 - Meet the Team

Headed up by founder and Artistic Director, Jo Dyer, we are a team of professional artists and makers who passionately believe that the arts are a powerful tool to engage, empower and motivate people.

And we can make almost anything out of cardboard!

         Art is my favourite, favourite, favourite thing!

        Year 2 participant in Art Builders 2019, St Alphege Infant School



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

12 of 24 claimed

Our favourite stuff gift

You will receive a gift bundle full of our favourite stuff, including a lovely themed Animate Arts notebook (filled with paper!), an Animate Arts pencil (our Artistic Directors preferred writing tool!), a piece of cardboard (everybody needs some cardboard in their life!) and a big shout-out.

£10 or more

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The ultimate tool for creativity

You will receive a very special Animate Arts pencil.

£35 or more

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SPECIAL REWARD: The official Animate Arts apron!

Normally, the official Animate Arts apron is only worn by the artist team, but in the last 24 hours of the campaign, you have a chance to own your very own Animate Arts apron. Printed with Animate's logo on a black utility apron, these overalls are perfect for crafting, baking or frankly, just looking cool in!

£55 or more

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SPECIAL REWARD: Hamper of Christmas decorations

Handmade by artists from Animate, you will receive 12 items to decorate your Christmas tree this year. Each decoration is hand-crafted from paper to a show-stopping standard. Your tree is going to look fabulous and unique! The hamper includes a stunning star tree topper, baubles, garlands, paper-chains and also 1 x personalised bauble featuring any special names, dates or quotes that you choose!

£75 or more

4 of 7 claimed

‘You Are Here’ original framed art by Rob Turner

Original sketches by Rob Turner as part of his design process for the ‘Herne Bay Clock Tower Mosaics’. This is a fantastic opportunity to own a framed artwork (18 x 23cm) of various Kent subjects including Herne Bay Pier, Kentish Flats Windfarm, Reculver Towers, Blue Bell Hill Rochester and a Lancaster bomber on a memorial Fly By.

£75 or more

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Art Builders - Team hoodie!

Animate Arts will reward your pledge with a fine quality hoodie, with the Art Builders logo. You’ll feel part of the team (children and adult sizes available)!

£100 or more

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Writers Exclusive

A very special one-off reward for writers. One 60-minute call / Skype chat with award-winning children’s author and Animate Arts Ambassador Lucy Strange. Find out about Lucy's journey to being a published author, writing for children, and ask for advice on your own writing.

£100 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Bookworms Tea & Cake

A unique opportunity for you and the young readers in your family. Meet award-winning children's author and Animate Arts ambassador Lucy Strange for tea & cake in the café of Waterstones, Canterbury. Chat to Lucy about books, writing and being an author, bring your copies of her books to be signed. Included: 'tea & cake' for one adult and two children. Exclusive opportunity - you'll be Lucy's only guests! Approx. 60 mins on a date to suit all!

£250 or more

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Walk with Fred the Dog

A truly, brilliant and unique experience will be granted for this pledge. With this donation you will be invited on a walk with artist Rob Turner and his dog, Fred. They will take you on one of their favourite walks, document the adventure on their award-winning blog AND produce an original hand-drawn map of the walk/experience. Pledge high for this treat!

£275 or more

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Brilliant, fun and inspiring CPD for teachers

Get your creative hats on.... here is a twilight practical workshop with an Animate Artist for teaching staff. Choose from a menu of CPD workshops for teachers, including the art of display making, willow sculpting or sketching with kids. This is the reward for everybody in your school!

£500 or more

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Cardboard Creations workshop

£500: Cardboard Creations school workshop Bring cardboard into your life and experience one of Animate’s Cardboard Creation workshops. Learn new skills, create amazing art works, build skills beyond your imagination and work with an experienced professional artist in your school or workplace - for a whole day - working with your children or team.

£1,000 or more

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Let the Animate elves bring Christmas to you!

Now this is special. Your reward: Animate Arts will make a unique full height (5’) Christmas Tree to adorn your school/workplace or home! The tree will be delivered to you at the beginning of December to give ample time for you to garner compliments and shout about it online.

£30 or more

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Activity Book - New York - by Esther Coombs

An Esther Coombs illustrated Activity Book of New York is a special gift for any travellers to the Big Apple!

£30 or more

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Activity Book - London - by Esther Coombs

An Esther Coombs illustrated Activity Book of London is an amazing way to discover the city. Use the book to get creative around the city and discover places you may not have explored without Esther's guide. Surely a PERFECT Christmas gift??!!

£35 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Signed, illustrated book by Esther Coombs

'Plant, Sow, Make & Grow' is a glorious book for budding gardeners, written and illustrated by the wonderful artist Esther Coombs. This signed book will inspire lots of activity in the garden from making to growing your own veg!

£40 or more

2 of 2 claimed

'Moonlanding' framed artworks

Limited edition framed collaged artworks inspired directly from Animate's 'Moonlanding' big build. Created by Beth Roo, the artwork features a cardboard collagraph print of the moon and photographs of the Artist Astronauts on a dictionary page. There are only 3 prints in the world!

£40 or more

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Signed limited edition print by Esther Coombs

Unique, signed limited edition prints by Esther Coombs are up for grabs here! An illustrative journey from A-Z, from cardboard boxes to the zoo will delight the eye. Esther is a illustrator and an Art Builder artist who is passionate about bringing creativity into the education system. She has championed and supported Art Builders, and is offering an opportunity to own some of her art work to help raise funds for next year's Art Builders.

£120 or more

1 of 1 claimed

'A Walk Around Thornden Field' by Rob Turner

Delighted to offer a fantastic reward from one of our artists Rob Turner, who offers an original artwork of one of his infamous sketched walks. This framed drawing (42 x 52cm) features one of his Cosmo dog-walk maps in the Thornden Woods area, during the bluebell season.

£5,000 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Your very own team-building BIG BUILD day

For your incredible pledge, Animate Arts will tailor make a team building day for your colleagues like no other. Together, Jo and our professional artist team will create a Big Build day for your staff with purpose & meaning. This will be a team day like no other. Animate’s memorable Big Build projects will develop your team’s creative thinking, problem-solving and team-work skills...with a guarantee of a lot of smiles and fun in the process!

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