Mind Force Retreat - Formby Southport U.K

by Mind Force Retreat October 2020 in Formby, England, United Kingdom

Mind Force Retreat - Formby Southport U.K
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Deliver non clinical therapy to veterans for anxiety, depression & stress. Introduce horse therapy, holistic therapy and guided meditation.

by Mind Force Retreat October 2020 in Formby, England, United Kingdom

Unfortunately a lot of the major charities have reduced their services due to Covid 19, many have cut some treatments to veterans in England and Wales , this is a major problem for veterans.

Anxiety and stress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic may of increase suffering in veterans , but health experts are now warning that the worst impacts to mental health in veterans could come after the immediate crisis is over. 

One of the sessions Mind Force retreat will deliver is Equine psychotherapy with horses. 

Equine psychotherapy does not involve riding, but may include grooming, feeding and ground exercises. Qualified Equine Assisted Psychotherapists work with one or more clients and one or more horses in an experiential (hands on) way to help clients learn about themselves and others, while processing or discussing the client’s feelings, behaviours, and patterns. The goal is to help the client in social, emotional, cognitive, or behavioural ways.


Mind Force retreat will deliver tools to help veterans cope when times get difficult.

By bringing a group of selected veterans in need together we can deliver specific group therapy, stress relief, headspace and issue new mindfulness tools. 


All-inclusive 3 nights full detox retreat, specially designed by Veterans will introduce holistic therapy treatments, group therapy, offer counselling, horse therapy, relaxation and soul skills. 

This retreat is for armed forces veterans only who have previously suffered or currently suffering with any type of stress, burn out, depression and anxiety. 

September Location: Formby Hall Southport U.K

Our aim is to support the right people at the right time by bringing them together we will also lead the way in reducing the stigma connected to mental health in veterans. 

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