Mind Force Therapy Retreats for veterans

by Colin Eastaway in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

Mind Force Therapy Retreats for veterans


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Deliver therapy for anxiety, burn out, depression & stress in the form of equine horse therapy, holistic & ocean therapy and meditation.

by Colin Eastaway in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain


I am Colin, former Paratrooper & Special forces support group team leader. I have been working as a Security manager and VIP event organiser for 10 years since leaving the army in 2010.

The Covid 19 experience has been a hard for us all, especially the vulnerable and those all ready suffering with stress, anxiety, burn out and depression. This can have a big impact on our armed forces Veterans Day to day lives and if it is not treated with some form of therapy it could be fatal in cases.

Since lock down began there has been an increase in suicides among former serving troops who fought in the recent wars and conflicts according to a report. 

Some of the men and women in the statistics are known to me personally, hence why I started this veterans only stress relief retreat program. 

 A lot of the major charities have reduced their services due to Covid 19, many are refusing treatment all together, this is a major problem for us veterans so my plan here is to bring smaller veteran own businesses and smaller charities together in aid of supporting veterans right now with stress relief and therapy. We can achieve this with a little help from you the public. 

Veterans isolation, anxiety and stress from the Coronavirus pandemic may of increased the chances of suicidal thoughts, but health experts are now warning that the worst impacts to mental health in veterans could come after the immediate crisis is over. 

One of the sessions we will deliver is Equine psychotherapy with horses. 

Equine psychotherapy does not involve riding, but may include grooming, feeding and ground exercises. Qualified Equine Assisted Psychotherapists work with one or more clients and one or more horses in an experiential (hands on) way to help clients learn about themselves and others, while processing or discussing the client’s feelings, behaviours, and patterns. The goal is to help the client in social, emotional, cognitive, or behavioural ways.


This retreat will deliver tools to help veterans cope when times get difficult.

We are taking action now, we will deliver an immediate rest bite for 15 veterans in the form of a stress relief retreat, exclusively for veterans in Spain Ibiza at a private villa rented exclusively for this veterans only retreat. Small donations from the public will help us achieve this Retreat and provide important immediate rest bite for veterans who are suffering right now. 

By bringing these selected veterans together we can deliver specific group therapy, stress relief, headspace and issue new mindfulness tools. 


All-inclusive 6 nights full detox retreat, specially designed by Veterans will introduce holistic therapy treatments, group therapy, offer counselling, horse therapy, relaxation and soul skills. 

This retreat is for armed forces veterans only who have previously suffered or currently suffering with any type of stress, burn out, depression, anxiety or any form of PTSD.

There will also be the option for one to one therapy at any time during the week by world-famous therapists and counsellors who are based on the island and have practiced in Ibiza for over two decades.

First Location: Ibiza

With all major venues and bars closed in Ibiza In 2020 and the Spanish government restricting gatherings of more than 25 people in public places we can safely say Ibiza has rolled back the years to a time when peace and quiet was appreciated more.

The islands heritage of hippy and relaxed culture is the perfect canvas for Mind Force Retreat veterans who need to unwind, destress, detox and escape their current environment. 

The island is home to some of the worlds best spiritual healers who we have brought together for this veterans only exclusive retreat, this powerful team will teach our veterans new skills to practice and take away as part of their new tool box. 

Together with Ibiza’s natural beauty, it’s crystal waters and famous healing powers, Ibiza is the perfect location to improve mindfulness, physical and mental health in 2020. Any funds donated here will go towards bringing nominated veterans to the retreat. 

Our aim is to support the right people at the right time by bringing them together we will also lead the way in reducing the stigma connected to mental health in veterans. 

Let's make 'Mind Force Therapy Retreats for veterans' happen

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