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To make a ten-minute filmpoem of arise! by Paul Summers, commissioned to celebrate the history and traditions of the Durham Miners' Gala

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arise! is a book-length poem by Paul Summers. It was commissioned and published in 2018 by Culture Matters to celebrate the rich history and traditions of the Durham Miners’ Gala and the resurgent spirit of socialism in the Labour Party under Corbyn. It is now our intention to make a filmpoem of arise! in the hope that an audio-visual version will enable broader dissemination and greater popular impact for this important piece of work. To realise and promote this project we need to raise a minimum of £1500 and that’s why we’re asking you for your help.

"It's wonderful to see the proud history of the Durham Miners' Gala represented in this powerful poem. Paul Summers has managed to capture the spirit of the Miners' Gala and its central place in our movement's mission to achieve victory for the many, and not the few". Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party.

"arise! is a full-throated song of defiant hope, seeing in the history of the coal industry much to mourn, yet much to celebrate." Sean O’Brien, Professor of Creative Writing, Newcastle University

"A powerful, rhythmic and inspiring poem." Alan Cummings, Secretary Durham Miners’ Association

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