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Among Us, a short thriller film, follows Nancy Argyle, a teacher struggling with her sanity after moving into a house with an evil presence.

by Nathan Bradbury in Long Ashton, England, United Kingdom

Among Us - The Story Overview

Set in a bleak and isolated village, Among Us follows the story of Nancy Argyle, a science teacher who, along with her husband Eddie, has just moved into a mysterious country house that was left to her in her late father’s will. With their strained relationship, both are hoping the change of scenery will help them rekindle their marriage. However, things only seem to take a turn for the worst when Nancy’s behaviour starts to dramatically change. After being fired, we witness her, in bursts of insanely wild ramblings, talk about the presence of an ‘evil’ that she believes is enveloping the house. Her husband, initially believing that she is having a mental breakdown, soon realises that there might be some truth in what she says when, he himself, comes face to face with the evil she has been warning him about.

How you can be involved in a great project!

Among Us is currently in pre-production and will go into production in mid-March. The film is the biggest project, to date, that our crew has made, and in order to bring it to life, we need your help.

We are wanting to make this film as professional and high a quality as we can. To do this, we are hoping to use professional actors and a location that helps to set the mood and tone of a thriller. Unfortunately, when added together, the price of these don't come cheaply, which is where you can play a part. Your amazing donations will go towards securing actors, locations and transport for cast and crew. 

Any donations, big or small, are very much appreciated and you'll receive a reward in return.

Planning and shooting a film is a lot of hard work, but with your kind generosity, we will be able to do it. 

This is your chance to be involved in a great project.


Emma Spurgin Hussey

Photo Credit: Oak Farm Studio

Emma Spurgin Hussey has been casted as the main character in Among Us. She can be seen in her role in the Among Us teaser playing the 'crazy science lady'. In the Among Us film, her character, Nancy Argyle, is a woman in her mid-forties living a life of what most would call luxury - in the countryside and in a big house. However, for her, it's hell. There's something about the house that keeps her awake at night and slowly, but surely, she begins to lose her sanity.

Emma is a very talented actor who will help bring the character of Nancy Argyle to life. You may have seen her in BBC1's TV favourite, Poldark. 

Your kind donations will help us secure Emma for the film.

Rory Wilton

Photo Credit: Tim Cartwright

Rory Wilton has been casted to play Nancy Argyle's, stubborn husband, Eddie. In the film, it's Eddie's idea to move into the country house his wife inherited, thinking it would be a great new start for them to rekindle their strained marriage. However, things didn't turn out as they had planned, and it wasn't long before he began drinking. Eddie is a bit of a mean character who blames his wife over the simplest of things. He doesn't seem to care. But is it him at fault?

Rory is a very talented actor who is great fun to work with. It will be interesting seeing him play Eddie. You may have seen Rory in BBC1's TV favourites, Poldark and Doc Martin. 

Your kind donations will help us secure Rory for the film.

A bit about us

We are students currently studying on the BA (Hons) Lens Based Media Course at the University Centre Weston, based in the South West of England. We are all passionate and dedicated filmmakers who have different specialities that can be applied to help produce this film. The crew, although small, works extremely well together and over the years, have developed a special and familiar way of working together that ensures high quality work is being made. We are filmmakers and we love what we do.


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In The Spaces Between Things

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It Walks Among Us

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It Eats At Our Tables

Awards from previous backing option; PLUS high quality prints of the official film posters.

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Can't You Feel It?

Awards from the previous backing option; PLUS an exclusive credit as 'Executive Producer'.

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Evil Is Everywhere

Awards from the previous backing option; PLUS a copy of the script signed by the cast and crew. And a handwritten thank you letter from the Director.

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