by Chloe Bickmore in Falmouth

We did it
On 23rd December 2017 we successfully raised £900 with 41 supporters in 42 days

We are raising funds to produce and make our final year film 'Alligated'.

by Chloe Bickmore in Falmouth

What's the short about?


We are making a 10-minute strange and emotional dark drama short inspired by the likes of Utopia and It Follows. 

We follow a strange young boy obsessed with crocodiles and alligators who is accused of murder. A young woman sweeps him up to help him hide away, but are her intentions good?

We want to look at the relationship between two different characters on the same scale. How do we view people who are different to us? Who can you trust when things don't make sense?




Inspirations of Alligated include:

The passive but empathetic characters of Norwegian Wood ( written by Haruki Murakami )
The strange and bold colours of Utopia ( Channel 4, 2013 - 2014 )
The mysterious subtext and art design of It Follows ( David Robert Mitchell, 2014 )
The animal imagery used by David Lynch in Twin Peaks ( 1990 - 1991, 2017 )

Who Are We?

Elizabeth Susan Cadman | Director


This is Elizabeth, but you can call her Libby! Libby has found a passion for directing throughout her time at Falmouth University. Originally, she comes from a creative theatre background. Libby has always enjoyed being able to craft stories that hit an emotional tone, playing with strange motifs which make audiences think about what they are seeing. Libby has directed two student short's so far and draws from these learning experiences, as well as time as a transcriber and AD on various films and television shows. Alligated is an idea that came to Libby after being inspired by the likes of Utopia, and how you can craft character and empathy within a world sold by subtext. Click her name to view her IMDB.

Chloe Bickmore | Producer


Sup, it's ya gurl, Chloe. Chloe is the Producer for this project and has found a passion for producing over her three years at Falmouth University. Your resident nerd, Chloe enjoys working on dramas that challenge the audience into thinking for themselves. She enjoys shows such as Riverdale and Luther, both that have dark themes and questionable characters. She's excited to test the waters with Alligated.

Katy Greenwell | Cinematographer


This is Katy (with a y), our director of photography. She has always had an artistic eye for photography and art, and has lately directed this towards cinematography since coming to university. Her skills and passion for cinematography has flourished in the last 2 years, gaining her valuable experience in the camera department. Her and the director have worked closely on projects in the past including a docudrama that has recently been submitted to the Royal Television Society. Inspiration from Utopia’s colour and framing have influenced her creative choices for Alligated. She has a passion for interesting lighting and colours which this project also offers her to challenge herself with.

Lily Watkins | Sound Designer


Lily is the Sound Designer for the this project. She has worked on a lot of student projects as the head of the sound department, also getting the opportunity to do a mix on a television show. Being enthusiastic in sound, Lily enjoys all aspects, but her favourite is sound recording. Inspired by the sound recordists of The Simpsons, Drive and Cucumber, Lily is excited for the challenges Alligated will bring her way.

Sara Di Caterino | Editor


Sara is the editor for Alligated. She’s been editing for the past few years and is looking forward to editing this project as it’s a very compelling story with dark themes. Some of her biggest inspirations for editing are Walter Murch and Jeff Betancourt, who edited movies such as The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, The Grudge, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Lo Hayes | Art Director


Originally from L.A., Lo is an aspiring Art Director, having worked on numerous short films at Falmouth University. She is a Television graduate and is currently studying an Authorial Illustration MA to further her career in art direction. Lo has always loved art and creating immersive worlds. Though set design, she hopes to create a narrative for the viewer. Lo is beyond excited to work on Alligated and hopes that she’ll get to explore more dramatic and stylised sets.

Wesley Trevena | Gaffer 


Wesley is a current MA Film & Television student and aspiring Lighting Technician. Wesley has worked on numerous feature films as Lighting Trainee and Production Runner, working along cast such as Cobie Smulders, Alice Lowe, Niamh Walter, Jessica Hynes and Jemima Kirke. Adding to this, Wesley has been gaffer on MA and BA projects in the past, alongside some external short films too. Wesley is also the co-founder of Split Focus Films, specialising in music video and music videography. Wesley is excited to be on this project, to be able to work with such a talented crew and with such a compelling story, and is excited to get going.

Will Clarke | Assistant Art Director


Will is an aspiring Art Director with an eye for texture and style. He is currently a second year Film student at Falmouth University. Will has always been incredibly artistic and always loved art and building. He loves to create bold sets with incredible amounts of detail. Will hopes to better understand colour pallets while working with Lo as Assistant Art Director.

Tom Eastwood is our writer. You will learn about him in an update very soon!

Where your money will go !


Your money has a big impact on us making this film. The majority of the money will be going toward props, costumes and actors as we want this film to be as high end as possible to be able to create an authentic and immersive atmosphere as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated by the Crew of Alligated.

Risk and Challenges / What's in it for you?

You will have the pleasure of knowing that you helped aspiring filmmakers make a film that they are passionate about. Alligated is being made by a group of excited and enthusiastic filmmakers who are ambitious and hungry to make this work. We will be offering thank you's in the form of shout-outs, credits, posters and even bigger perks as the donations roll in. Here's a teaser into one of our exciting perks: a postcard. 


However, every film comes with its own set of risks. This project depends on the money we raise, as we are trying to make the highest quality film for our amazing crowdfunder investors. We know that if we do not raise our ideal target, we will have to negotiate locations, edit scrips and lose out on brilliant acting talent. 

Please help in any way you can. Share this around with all your friends and family. Help make things strange again. Follow our social media for updates and exciting news.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

£2 Reward

Social media thank you

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Thank you on social media and a thank you credit

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Social media shout out, thank you credit and large sticker of the alligator on the main character's bag ( as shown in the crowdfunder video )

£15 or more

£15 Reward

Exclusive link to the film, a thank you mention and a thank you credit

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Thank you credit, an exclusive link to the film, a postcard and an appropriate picture of your choice in the film. It can be a picture of you or anything that tickles your fancy

£25 or more

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ONLY 15 AVAILABLE! You will receive a terrific alligator keyring, PLUS: Social Media Shout Out, Thank You Credit , Exclusive Link to the Film and Super Awesome Postcard Perk!

£30 or more

£30 Reward

Thank you credit, Social Media shout out and a DVD copy fo the film

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

thank you credit, sticker, Toy crocodile and a dvd copy

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£75 Reward

Doug's Backpack

£100 or more

£100 Reward

executive producer credit, plus previous mentions ( poster, sticker, link, dvd, shout out)

£150 or more

£150 Reward

Large poster and all previous mentions ( small poster, sticker, link dvd, shout out, executive producer credit, thank you credit)

£200 or more

£200 Reward

THE CROCODILE HUNTER ! You get THE frames picture of Steve Irwin and all of the previously mentioned perks (poster, large poster, dvd copy, sticker, link, shout out, thank you credit, executive producer credit)

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