Turning disability to Ability... Today

by Ability Today in Chobham, England, United Kingdom


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Empowering individuals to live better-connected and more inclusive lives. Opening up potential and turning disability into Ability.

by Ability Today in Chobham, England, United Kingdom

Mission: Ability Today is about bringing a community together and providing them with the tools to live better connected lives. A community that is often left behind or hard to reach, and who in many cases doesn’t know about the help and support that is available to them.

Today, there is still a lack of awareness amongst the disabled community about the services, organisations and support network available to enable them to live a more active and connected life. At Ability Today, we’re on a mission to change this..

We’ve created a knowledge hub, a place where the disabled community can find out about new products, services and organisations that aim to offer tools and teach skills to help them live better, more empowered and fulfilled lives. 

We envision the funding to help us achieve our ultimate goal: Become the first Disabled News Reporting TV channel in Great Britain.

Help us connect the unconnected, supporting us in our journey to be more inclusive, and fuel a new generation to continue pushing the boundaries.

So at the beginning of 2019 it felt like the right time to rebrand with a more positive name and message.  So today … we focus on Ability!

Over the last year, we’ve grown our network to over 30,000 connections, which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our 15 wonderful dedicated volunteers – a group of ingenious individuals who have come with a wide range of abilities; all with a desire to inspire, motivate and raise the self-belief of a community often left behind.  

In return we’ve nurtured their strengths and helped them develop a wide range of skills in web development, social media, filming, editing and movie production.  With their newly acquired skills, we send our volunteers out as roving reporters on assignments to cover new adventures and experiences.  They create great new content for the website and inspire the wider community to go out and explore the world around them.   

We offer opportunities for our volunteers to trial activities they previously believed to be impossible for them….water-skiing, skydiving, gliding, flying, and many more…. Creating new role models for the younger generation to aspire to.

This has been a fantastic chapter in our journey… giving our disabled volunteers new skills and aspirations for what the future will bring. Opening up undiscovered and untapped potential to raise belief and confidence. Shortening the road map back to paid employment. 

With newly found pathways to employment and independent living, four of our volunteers have already successfully secured a job or set up small businesses themselves. Steph, our first roving reporter has recently moved in with her boyfriend and is living independently - an achievement she believed would be impossible not long ago. 

Since our initial crowdfunding campaign in 2017 we have achieved a great deal and experienced tremendous growth.   We now have an Advisory Board in place with expertise across several industries, helping push our development forward on our journey to connect disabled lives with what the world has to offer them.

Some of our Achievements so far…

Our founder Grant has been networking with business leaders, politicians, and influencers.  We’ve had great support from Michael Gove MP, Sarah Newton MP (the then Disability Minister), the Varkey Foundation, Santander and the Lord Mayor of Surrey Heath, local councillors and charities.


Grant has spoken at several key events regarding inclusion and diversity; He was invited to Windsor Castle to attend the ICCC Windsor Consultation, the BBC for the Access All Areas Awareness Day, and many local business meetings and conferences, spreading our message.

We are proud to have recently won the 2019 Lotus award for innovation and in 2018 we received a grant from UnLtd for social entrepreneurship, giving Ability Today a broader platform in the disability forum.

We are excited to have launched our own Ambassador program, with Olivia Gallagher (Young Sports Personality of the Year 2018) becoming our first official ambassador and patron.  

Our Goals:
It’s been a really busy year so far, but we need your help to continue supporting the disabled community.  In particular, we need your support to:

1.  Accelerate our volunteer program, helping individuals realise their potential

2.  Launch the academy for disabled journalists

3. Provide our team with the tools and skills to go out and report on the disabled world

All of this will be stepping stones to help us achieve our ultimate goal to become the first Disabled News Reporting TV channel Great Britain has ever had! 

So we need funds to provide:

Opportunities - Increasing opportunities for our team of volunteers to experience and report on a wide range of activities

Equipment - The purchase of accessible workstations, for a disabled person to access computers and studio equipment needed to produce the video and editorial content.  Providing the tech to learn new skills

Support - A support network of workers to assist our disabled volunteers on their activities

Help us connect the unconnected, supporting us in our journey to be more inclusive, and empower a new generation to continue pushing the boundaries.

Keep making the impossible… Possible!!

Please donate today!!

The Values We Stand By:

Anything is possible

Knowledge is power

Inclusion: we are on a journey together

Accessibility for all

Challenging and pushing the boundaries  

Connectivity makes us stronger

A passion for changing the disabled landscape

If you would like any more information about the project or our founder Grant Logan you can email him directly at grant@abilitytoday.com


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Donation

A huge thank you from all at Ability Today, and the knowledge that you are supporting us to deliver life changing opportunities, adventures and providing us with the resources to enhance the lives of the disabled community.

£10 or more

£10 Donation

As per £5 donation plus a huge thank you for helping us inspire a community and provide the tools to keep pushing the boundaries.

£20 or more

£20 Donation

Even more thank yous for allowing us to provide all the resources needed to enhance the lives of the disabled community with the knowledge and power to keep making positive changes.

£50 or more

£50 Donation or Profile Partnership

A donation comes with all of the above thank yous and massive appreciation for your support with this worthwhile cause. Or if you are an organisation within the disabled community, you can become a partner with a profile in our directory (check out Cyclone Mobility profile on our website www.abilitytoday.com) including photos, videos, reviews, contact details and connections to all your social media platforms for 1 year.

£100 or more

£100 Donation or Front Page Profile Partnership

All of the above thank yous and appreciation or if you are an organisation; for our partners full profile listing positioned on our front page for one year.

£250 or more

£250 Donation or Scrolling Banner Adverts

All of the above thank yous, appreciation and big cyber hugs for donators - and for partners - Scrolling banner advertising across the whole website at the top of our pages including profile partnership promotion across all our social media for one year.

£500 or more

£500 Donation or Headline Banner Advert

For a donation - a huge cyber bear hug and the knowledge that you will be single handedly helping individuals have new experiences and adventures. Creating role models and raising confidence in the disabled community. For an organisation within our community, headline banner / profile partnership and social media promotion for one year.

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Donation or Assistive Equipment Purchase

All of the above for three years and the knowledge that your donation will allow us to start purchasing the assistive equipment needed to launch our academy for disabled journalists.

£2,000 or more

£2,000 Donation

Your money will be supporting multiple activities, life changing experiences and supporting pathways to employment for disabled individuals. Giving us the opportunity to bring more volunteers on board and broaden our reach to deliver our vision for a more inclusive world.

£5,000 or more

£5,000 Donation

A massive philanthropic gesture for an individual or corporation, delivering sponsorship status with Ability Today for 1 year. Providing the equipment we need for the production of outside broadcasts and the accessible workstations required to allow our reporters to create, produce and edit their stories for publication.

£10,000 or more

£10,000 Donation ( A Dream I Know)

A tremendous philanthropic gesture for an individual or corporation would allow us to set up the TV News Platform. This amount will provide us with all the equipment, training and support needed to give our journalists the tools to go out, report and broadcast on our own dedicated channel. Inspiring and sharing their knowledge, giving the power to the disabled community to speak for themselves.

Let's make 'Turning disability to Ability... Today' happen

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