A Magic Bike for a Little Ray of Sunshine

by Dotty Black / Ebony Newton in Haltwhistle, England, United Kingdom



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My aim is to raise money to help fund a special adapted bike for my disabled son, so he can ride a bike like his brother and friends.

by Dotty Black / Ebony Newton in Haltwhistle, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I would love to smash our target and beyond, to be able to give some money back to suffering charities (due to covid-19) close to my heart. 

Meet Sunshine... at least that’s his nick name to us. He’s our beautiful first born son, and we’ve spent the past 11 weeks shielding for his health. We’ve been shielding because he was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy which in the simplest form means his muscles don’t work properly. He’s also autistic. To look at him you might wonder where the muscles fail him. He eventually walked, and then learned to run, and in many ways he doesn’t let the weakness stand in his way. But he struggles with lots of things we often take for granted. Like hopping on one foot, jumping with two, gripping a pencil, walking up stairs unaided, running up a hill, good balance, walking along a balance beam, riding a bike or peddle a trike! His respiratory can be challenged at times also as we need our muscles for all our vital organs. Muscular dystrophy is a progressive disorder, so any opportunity to support strength whilst you've still got it needs to be nurtured and encouraged. 

Last year we were invited by his physio to trial a specialist adapted bike which might make it possible for sunshine to be able to peddle a bike and be like his friends and younger brother. It has unique adjustable resistance in the chaining mechanism so it can support you at whatever level you need. I didn’t think this magic bike was gonna enable him to be able to cycle, but I was gobsmacked to say the least when he took to the hospital corridors like a duck to water. The bike has a great support seat also, which gives his balance that security too. We HAD to get him this bike. But like any specialist equipment which isn’t NHS funded, it comes at a huge cost  However thankfully 90% of these bikes are fully funded by charities and trusts.

We managed to fund over 50% of the bike, and a week before lockdown we learned we had secured the remaining balance with a fantastic local charity. HOORAH I thought!!! However one week later we were told the sad news that our funds were frozen due to the pandemic. It was disappointing but we completely understood. Charities are suffering badly during this as they depend heavily on fundraising efforts and right now there’s very little fundraising. After applying to another 5 charities with no luck or the same answer, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. 

So today’s the day... I’m so EXCITED to be able to reveal this crowd funder, along with some rewards for all supporters. The rewards have generally been inspired by my son, and there's also a one that is very apt. to the current times. I would love it if I could smash our target, and if we are lucky enough to go over, I would love to donate to a local Muscular Dystrophy charity which really supports my family through all the ups and downs of this condition.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.


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