We did it
On 20th February 2019 we successfully raised £8,510 with 291 supporters in 28 days

We need your help - and we need it now. Traditionally December and January are lean months for us and this year is no different.

by Ken McDonald in Helensburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Following our TV advertising campaign our results were much higher than previously recorded for any promotion that we’ve ran however at the lower end of expectation.

Whilst we’ll always be a slow burn as we only sell via online or selected resellers (newsagent sales are not cost effective for us to blanket stock the country due to production costs and distributor profit share).  We’re seeing a slow down in subscriptions as austerity begins to bite, and whilst we have kept our sales price frozen since 2014 we are loath to contemplate any increase and instead reach out to those who haven’t yet considered subscribing and to those who can offer us some financial support to get us over this blip.

We are not ‘big business’ and don’t have corporate backing to help out when cash flow is squeezed, so we are reaching out to our supporters to ask for their support to give us a leg up.

By way of thanking you for your support to help us reach our 50th issue we’ll be creating a limited edition of 3 iScot Prints for you to frame.

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