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A crowdfunded private prosecution against Boris Johnson MP for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office.

by MarcusJBall in London, England, United Kingdom

Day 1 of court, an update on what happened:

Marcus J Ball and supportive financial backers, this photo was taken prior to the hearing.

The following is a statement from our solicitors which was released yesterday:

'Further to a hearing today, the court has determined that a public hearing will take place on Thursday 23 May 2019 at Westminster Magistrates Court, when the Judge will consider an application to issue a summons against the proposed defendant, Mr Boris Johnson MP, for the offence of misconduct in public office. 

We wish to stress again that Mr Johnson has not been charged with any criminal offence and is at all times presumed innocent until proven otherwise.  We would respectfully ask all those reporting and supporting the case to respect the formality of the court process.   

Any further questions should be directed to Bankside Commercial Solicitors. '

-Giles Bright


Bankside Commercial Solicitors

Dear backers,

Due to the sensitive nature of the case and the importance of respecting court proceedings I am unable to speak publicly about what is occurring to the same extent as I previously was. For this reason I will be going quite quiet for this section of the process. I will not be at liberty to speak as freely or as informally as I previously have been.

Because of this I have had to politely decline two invitations to speak on major national radio today. I take my responsibilities to secure coverage and funding very seriously but I take my responsibilities to respect the court process even more seriously. In short, I will be going quiet for now.

Marcus J Ball

Private Prosecutor

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*The below information is from prior to May 14th 2019*

#BALLVJOHNSON Prosecution Case Gets Its First Day In Court!

May 14th 2019! 2pm onwards! Westminster Magistrates' Court!

Such a big legal case is very expensive! We need more funding!

A crowdfunded private prosecution case against Mr Boris Johnson MP has been given its first date in court.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court has ruled that Ball V Johnson’s first court appearance will take place on May 14th at 2pm. 

The first hearing will be held in private with a second, public hearing, set to occur either immediately afterwards or in the following few days.

Marcus J Ball, 29, private prosecutor, took his case against Mr Johnson to Westminster Magistrates’ Court on February 22nd 2019. 

He has accused Mr Johnson of abusing public trust in his office as Mayor of London and Member of Parliament by intentionally misleading the public with regards to how much money the UK spends on EU membership.

Mr Johnson MP, ex Mayor of London and UK Foreign Secretary, infamously claimed that the UK ‘sends’ £350 million a week to the EU. He was told by the head of the UK Statistics Authority that to do so was ‘a clear misuse of official statistics’.

Mr Ball, originally from Norfolk, has worked full time on the prosecution case since June 2016 in his effort to address lying in politics.

Marcus stated that ‘I believe that When Politicians Lie Democracy dies. If a company director lies to shareholders about financial matters they can be prosecuted. If a self employed person lies to HMRC about their spending or income they can be prosecuted. If a member of the public lies to the police about an ongoing investigation they can be prosecuted. This is because society and public trust cannot function based upon false information. So, why shouldn’t a politician be prosecuted for abusing public trust by lying about public spending figures?’

Mr Ball also argued that ‘This case is a world first, it has never happened before. A Member of Parliament has never been prosecuted for misconduct in public office based upon alleged lying to the public. However, in 2014 PC Keith Wallis was given a 1 year prison sentence for misconduct in public office because of knowingly false statements he made. Mr Wallis lied to his MP and other police officers about witnessing the Plebgate scandal which took place on Downing Street on the evening of Wednesday 19 September 2012’.

‘My backers and I aspire to set a precedent in the UK common law making it illegal for an elected representative to lie to the public about financial matters. This would be the beginning of the end of lying in politics in the UK. Because of how the English common law works it’s possible that such a precedent could be internationally persuasive by influencing the law in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and India’.

Mr Boris Johnson MP is innocent unless proven guilty and all those reporting upon this case are asked to do so in a way that respects the proper administration of justice.

Marcus J Ball is on Twitter and more information on his work can be found via and

Marcus can be contacted via either of those websites. 

*The below information is from prior to 5th May 2019*

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