Bombed Out Church

To keep a beautiful ruined church in city centre Liverpool open to the public for music, dance, plays, outdoor cinema, visitor attraction

We did it!

On 21st Aug 2014 we successfully raised £20,260 of £18,000 target with 549 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

What will I use the extra money for?

We are completely overwhelmed by your support for our campaign 


Our campaign is running until Thursday and so we thought we'd use this opportunity to keep the love for our work at the Bombed Out Church flowing 

As you know the building and grounds need constant maintenance and we are running a busier than ever programme of activities and events 

We are about to make an important application to the Heritage Lottery Fund and will need to employ some professionals to do surveys and drawings for this.  We continue our dialogue with the city and with the backing of key business leaders will be submitting our proposal to take on the long term running and use of the space. 

Wouldn't it be AMAZING if we could restore the clock - so that when you are in the city centre and walking towards the Bombed Out Church you could see it and know what time it was - this is just one of the ideas put forward recently by one of our supporters

the clock at bombed out church

We've also started our education & training programme and we are working with some amazing individuals who are developing both their and our skills in carpentry, event management, gardening, PR and building maintenance.  We are intending to launch a stone masonry restoration training scheme too which is a really exciting project for the city. 

All of this and your support makes us convinced that we are the right guardians of this important place in our wonderful city

So if you can continue to make pledges and encourage others to until our campaign ends, we will put the extra funds to good use and to the benefit of this great space and project 


St Luke's (Bombed Out) Church, Liverpool, UK 

St Luke's is easily distinguishable as one the most accommodating and wholesome environments in Liverpool.We plan to continue its use in its current capacity, whilst developing the facilities onsite, as well as carrying out necessary structural repairs, to ensure that the space can continue to be used for the arts, and appreciated by the people of Liverpool and its visitors.

After the building’s funding was cut earlier this year, it has become difficult to keep the church running, but with your donations we can ensure that the space can remain open to the public.

We must act now to ensure the building's future.

To find out about our plans and efforts in more detail, continue reading below.

my first time in liverpool the bombed out church has really moved me

We require your help to ensure the continued use of St Luke's in this capacity as we put together our long term proposals for the council 

 Where your donations will go and what they’ll help to achieve:

  • The creation of an indoor space in which classes and sessions can take place when the weather is wet and cold

  • Much needed maintenance to make all of St Luke's interior safe and accessible to visitors, particularly repairing areas of dangerous damaged brickwork

  • Installing a system to harvest rainwater (as St Luke's has no water supply) so that we can keep all the plants watered and healthy
  • The design and construction of a cafe area inside the church, exclusively made from up-cycled materials, where daily visitors are able to converse and relate to one another

  • The development of an overhead rain shelter which can be erected when required to cover a portion of the church to allow events to take place even in the rain

  • The purchase of a PA system, the upgrade of the power supply, and a drinking water supply

  • The continued payment of licensing and public liability insurance, which allow us to operate the venue legally and safely

We aim to achieve this in a number of different ways. With regards to the structural repair, our medium term aim is to run an apprenticeship scheme where the expertise of practised professionals can be passed onto a new generation, so that the church is giving back to the community in the same way she has for many years now.  We are currently piloting this with a small team working on grounds maintenance, carpentry, guiding the public around the historic space and other skills

Why it's so important:

We play host to over 500 visitors a week - who all visit for different reasons; our event programme, some quiet time, to explore our beautiful historic ruin or to volunteer

 quotes about the bombed out church

It is so unusual within our rapidly developing modern world to find a space in which to find time to reflect. One might argue that in a city as large and diverse as Liverpool, being able to locate this sense of community is actually remarkably difficult. St Luke's Church is widely regarded as one such place where the limitations and daily confines of society evaporate, and together people are able to generate this sense of community.

It seems as if the church deactivates whatever mechanism it is that has been conditioned within us that usually leads us to see one another as different. It is this ability to create community value, extinguish prejudice and promote equality which is what makes the continued use of St Luke's in it’s current capacity so important and beneficial to the community.

If we don't act soon, the church may run the risk of falling back into developers hands as the council has invited bids from interested parties to run the space and not all of those expressing interest share our values. 

We are currently finalising our business plan with the assistance of key members of the Liverpool business community who feel that we should remain custodians of this fantastic space. 

culture at the bombed out church liverpool

Our long term plan for the space is to secure it's continued use as a cultural and community venue, supporting skills development, the creative sector and preserving the heritage of St Luke’s

To do this we are developing strong working relationships with English Heritage and Liverpool City Council and forging links with partners such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, LIPA and Liverpool Community College to deliver a wide ranging series of sensitive works to make more of the existing ruin accessible and to create better visitor facilities

With your kind support we would be able to carry out immediate and essential repairs and improvements to the building and continue and extend our fabulous range of activities and events for the community


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