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by cotty in Barnstaple, Devon

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On 7th October 2014 we successfully raised £11,424 with 221 supporters in 28 days

Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton aims to surf the biggest waves on the planet this season and set a new world record for biggest wave ever ridden. Support him on his mission.

by cotty in Barnstaple, Devon

New stretch target

Wow, I'm am overwhelmed by everyones support and am proud to say we have hit our first goal of £10k!

This support means so much to me and I am more focussed than ever to bring us that record home.

We now have less than 24 hrs left, and the final opportunity to raise some more much needed funds which will just give me that little bit extra to ensure I have the travel budget to be on every huge swell where the possibility of setting a new world record is a reality.

When you factor in travel costs, safety precautions, specialised equipment and the endless list of expenses chasing huge waves around the globe requires, I can honestly say that every little helps!

So once again, a huge thanks for all the support so far- and one final request to please support my aim to bring us a new world record home!


UK big wave surfer Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton is on a mission - a mission to surf the biggest wave on the planet and set a new world record.

In 2013 Cotty very nearly achieved this, surfing the second biggest wave of the year in Nazare, Portugal; measured at a monstrous 61 feet. In 2014 Cotty aims to travel the globe looking to break the current world record of 78 feet, and ride the biggest waves on the planet. To do this he needs your help.

We need to raise £10,000 to help him realise this goal and document this epic winter season. Be part of something incredible and support his mission to bring this world record to the UK.

The mission

Incredibly, Cotty is without a headline sponsor with deep pockets to support his death defying mission. Working a both a lifeguard and plumber during the summer, he saves every penny to fund his winter chasing giant waves. This money doesn't go far as the nature of big wave surfing makes it astronomically expensive. Travel plans to far reaching locations are last minute - filming is treacherous and incredibly costly with the specialist safety equipment needed. The big wave season in Northern Hemisphere is our winter,  huge storms which create the biggest waves can be expected anytime from October through to March. Being in the right place at the right time with all the right safety equipment is paramount.

Last year Cotty's big wave season was documented in a six part series, 'Behind The Lines'. This year, we also want to document this incredible journey. The aim is for every step, paddle and wipe out of Cotty's mission to be captured and released across the globe as episodes. To make this happen costs money, a huge amount of money. Cotty is driven by this mission but needs the support of other surf lovers to make it happen.



Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton

Andrew Cotton was born in Plymouth and grew up on the North Devon coast where he first started surfing at the age of seven. Ever since then, catching waves and being in and around the ocean has been his life. When Cotty left school he worked in a local surfboard factory until the age of twenty-five. He then re-trained as a plumber, but along the way began to realise that his real passion lay in big wave surfing.

Initially, Cotty focussed on helping to pioneer big wave spots in Ireland, and more recently he turned his attention to Nazare, Portugal. Numerous Billabong XXL entries followed and he garnered wider attention in 2012 when he towed American surfer Garrett McNamara into what the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed as the biggest wave ever surfed.

Since then, Cotty has ridden a number of monster waves, one or two of which have caused debate in the press as to whether they are even bigger than Garret’s record. With the national and global media coverage that followed, he has firmly stamped his mark on big wave surfing and is now regarded as one of the best big wave riders in the world.



"I’m already very much living my own dream, in that I surf professionally and catch some of the biggest waves in the world. But big wave riding is very much in its infancy and there are plenty of big waves still to be discovered and surfed.

With pretty much all the great mountains of the world climbed and explorers having reached most of the nooks and crannies on the planet, it really is something to consider that in big wave surfing you’re able to explore completely new territory and even potentially to push forward the frontiers of what’s considered possible."


"Andrew Cotton is rewriting British surfing history. He's surfed the biggest waves ever ridden by a Briton, and is consistently placing in the top five in the world with nominations in the Billabong XXL Awards. He has done this through a mixture of his skill, bravery, determination and hard work.

He's a world class professional athlete who has achieved a lot with very little financial help - now with your support, you can help Cotty continue to put British surfing firmly on the map & challenge the biggest waves on the planet this winter - and clinch that world record for Britain." 



Help us make history

To break the world record Cotty needs to chase every storm, and every monster swell Mother Nature throws at the planet. He needs to be able to travel to legendary big wave spots like Jaws and Waimea in Hawaii , Mavericks in California and Todos Santos in Baja. Your money will help Cotty get to these places and crucially give him the chance to break the record. You are his wings.

Cotty also has to train hard to stay alive. Really hard. He must be able to hold his breath for minutes in the most extreme conditions to stay alive amongst the gigantic waves. A two wave hold down can wipe life out in the flash of an eye. Your money will help Cotty train with the best and use the most progressive breath holding courses and techniques. He has also been working closely with personal trainer Andrew Blake to be in top physical and mental form.

Cotty's passion for big wave surfing runs deep, so if you're passionate about surfing and bringing this record to the UK, help him realise his goal and be part of something historic.

"Some people might see riding these mountains of water as a metaphor for what’s possible in the modern world but for me it’s about getting out into the (usually freezing cold) water with my friends and catching the best waves it’s possible to catch. If, along the way, I happen to catch the biggest wave ever ridden then hey, it’ll be the icing on the cake.” - Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton


In return for yout support, there are some awesome and exclusive rewards on offer. Every single person who backs the project will also get their name on the credits of the final episode of the Behind the Lines series 2.




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Thanks: Shout out and thank you Facebook and Twitter from Cotty's athlete profiles.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Signed poster: Exclusive personalised signed poster of Cotty's biggest wave in the 2015 season PLUS Behind the Lines sticker.

£22 or more

£22 Reward

T-shirt: Limited edition Behind the Lines T-shirt (includes postage to the UK).

£33 or more

£33 Reward

Merch: Limited edition Behind the Lines cap, T-shirt and poster (includes postage to the UK).

£42 or more

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Hoody: Exclusive Behind the Lines hoody (includes postage to the UK).

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Film premiere tickets: Come to an exclusive premier of series 2 of Behind the Lines in either North Devon or London, followed by a Q&A with Andrew. PLUS a Behind the Lines T-shirt.

£60 or more

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£60 Reward

Photo album: Exclusive coffee table book of high quality photos from the 2015 big wave season, complete with a personalised message from Cotty and signed by all the team.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

VIP premiere tickets: There’s going to be 2 premiere locations, North Devon and London. Go VIP, free drinks, Front row seats and Behind the Lines goody bags

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

The tow experience: Join Cotty at home in Devon for an afternoon training on the ski, get whipped into a few waves, practice rescues and see how Cotty trains at home. PLUS get a pair of custom SunGod sunglasses. Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for more info.

£300 or more

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£300 Reward

Mercedes Benz AMG experience from Mercedes Benz South West: Half day AMG experience at their driving circuit at the MB World Brooklands plus Behind the Lines merchandise. Terms and conditions apply, please contact for more info.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

Board: Signed big wave board/tow board from Cotty's 2014/15 big wave season.

£600 or more

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£600 Reward

Boat trip: A days boat trip in North Devon on an amazing catamaran with Take 6 of your friends on amazing day cruise on this catamaran, look for waves, check out the coast line or have a day trip to Lundy, loads of options for a really unique, special day. For more information please contact us, terms and conditions apply.

£900 or more

£900 Reward

Full corporate hospitality package: Includes 30 minute talk by Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton about big wave surfing, tow experience in Devon PLUS 2 tickets for the London film premiere.

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

Surf weekend: This awesome package includes B&B accommodation, training with Bayfitness, Tiki wetsuit, Lifedge iPhone case (RRP £74.99), Dryrobe (RRP £94.99), surf session/lesson with Cotty. Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for more info.

£2,000 or more

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£2,000 Reward

The mission: A once in a lifetime chance to join Cotty and team on a last minute big wave mission in Europe. PLUS the tow experience in North Devon, BTL Hoody and T-shirt. Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for more info.

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