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by 50:50 Parliament in London, England, United Kingdom


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50:50 Parliament need funds to run our New Girls Network of 50:50 Buddies who inspire and support women along the path to elected office

by 50:50 Parliament in London, England, United Kingdom

Let's Build a Better Democracy Together!

There are now a record number of women MPs at Westminster but women are still outnumbered 2:1 by men in the Commons. 

Only 12 extra women gained seats in the last election and at this rate it will take decades for women to have equal seats and equal say.

50:50 have been taking positive action with our #AskHerToStand and #SignUpToStand campaigns to inspire and support women to elected office. 

Nine of the women elected to Parliament during the 2019 election had been inspired by our work and we inspired more than 50 of the women who were candidates. 

This election has had a major impact on our campaign with a record number of women going onto our website to #SignUpToStand. Every day women are signing up! 

We now have well over 1000 women registered with us who want to pursue a political career. 50:50 want to help them all take the next step. We work with women from across the political spectrum and from all over the country. 

We are developing fantastic new network of 50:50 buddies to mentor and monitor the progress of women who have signed up to stand with us. We call this the New Girls Network and we need your help in funding it. We are creating personal profiles for each one of the women signed up and providing individual support and guidance. We have depended entirely upon the generosity of volunteers but now we need to pay for more support to get even bigger and better in our mission.

50:50 want women to have equal seats and equal say in running the country. We want the best of both, men and women, running the country and planning the future together. We want our Parliament to draw upon the widest possible pool of talent and experience including that of the 32 million UK women. 

In November 2018 we organised an inspirational #AskHerToStand day in Parliament. This legacy needs to continue!  

This is what Nandy Manley-Browne said about the day:

"I was very inspired by the guest speakers and fringe workshops on the day and formed some great connections as a result of my attendance. I left feeling encouraged and empowered to continue persevering with my vision, and thankfully the opportunities arose when they did."

She went on to be elected as a councillor.

50:50 want to inspire and support more women to take the next step along the path to Parliament and elected office. 

Please donate to help us help more women along the way to Westminster. 

Let's build a better democracy together! 

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