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by Adam Clarke in Wheathampstead, England, United Kingdom


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We want to lead the way in enabling and empowering citizen, volunteers and engineers in solving both grassroots & wider world problems.

by Adam Clarke in Wheathampstead, England, United Kingdom

Our origin story: 3D Crowd was born out of the 1st wave of the pandemic in March 2020 when 8,000 volunteers came together from across the UK in a matter of weeks as makers, cleaners, delivery drivers and problem solvers all answering the call to help our NHS and frontline care workers. It was an astonishing achievement by people of all walks of life and ages.  Some people referred to 3D Crowd building the Amazon of face shields in only 4 weeks with its complex network of hubs, cleaning, packaging and distribution. 3D Crowd was in the news almost daily and we went on to directly raise over £165,000 and distributed over 200,000 and sourced over 185,000 more. 

Where we are now: After receiving formal CE accreditation for our Visors in August (one of, if not the only distributed manufacturers ever to do so) we proved that citizen activists can and will respond faster than the private sector in a time of urgent need. Since then a smaller but just as committed community are now working on a number of projects that could make a massive difference to people across the world.

Some of our current projects.

Project Papra - Wearable breathing units for health workers (Joint project)

Project Tetra - Ventilator splitters to make one ventilator support up to four people.  (Joint project)

E-Nable Prosthetics - 3D limbs for children

Foldable 3D printers and quality tested 3D printing library to support point of need disaster relief 

Finally, send a Prusa 3D Printer to the MOON!!!! Research. Everyone needs a bit of fun from time to time. 

Why we need your donations: Your donation will help us to continue to prove that citizen activists can and will respond faster than the private sector and government. (at less cost to the taxpayer). If properly coordinated maker technology is more than capable of hitting quality standards of medical and other life-saving devices. By focusing on direct intervention, we can be more agile and efficient at rising up to these kinds of challenges than traditional approaches. We've already shown how people from all walks of life can and will directly work together to help communities all over the country (and indeed the world). Now we want to do it again and again. 

Plus, every donor will have their name added to a thank you 'wall' on our website. 

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